Clues by C. R. Gumbrell in 1998-1999
Azed competitions from 1363 to 1411    All clues by C. R. Gumbrell  |   1998-1999 Honours list
VHCsHCs Honours
C. R. Gumbrell1101011
No.Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
1363MAVIN def. THONG (Wrong Number)VHCAdept guitarist releases inmost character of G-stringG-string; (Hank) Ma(r)vin
1367SANBENITOSSecondCovering things in an auto is a bonnet’s workanag.; work vb
1372MASTERSTROKEVHCIn which one’s pulled off staggering sortie and queen mates king?anag. incl. R, K, less I, & lit.
1376LOGOVHCWhat, with regular showing of ad, becomes prime stimulus?lo(ad) go(ad), & lit.
1380RAPPORT (Misprints)VHCConfection soft and yellow in spongy partconnection; p or in anag.; spongy = drunken
1385PANTRIESVHCSpence and suchlike characters starting postwar architecture with new aimsp a + n tries; ref. Sir Basil S.
1387Dylan Thomas: A Child’s Christmas in Wales (Anagram)FirstIt has charm, this Swansea man’s cold idyll 
1394BERGAMOTVHCIt’s to NW Africa (passing hot) we may turn for citrus fruitto Mag(h)reb (rev.)
1398PERMETHRINVHCTo make hemipterans rare, scatter areas with thiscomp. anag. & lit.
1402PENTOSE (Definition of Anagram)VHCIn Swan Lake’s finale you’ll see most of cast danceone-step; tos(s) in pen e
1406CHASSEPOTVHCType of rifle distributed to chaps suppressing last traces of Paris Commune?s, e in anag.; ref. events of 1871
1411LOOK-SEEVHCGander can remain, with positive flying, around front of skeinloo + s in kee(p)

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