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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1459 May 2000GREATEST Spoonerisms22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstG. PerryTop tip nobbled at St Leger – length shorttip-top: anag. less l
SecondC. R. GumbrellWhat must feature bit of gunplay on a screen? Oater mustuttermost; g re a test
ThirdM. BarleyStars teem, twinkling endlessly, following evening’s last ray over the westway … rest; g + anag. less s, m
VHCD. AppletonHirst in fight gets English art in a tizzyflrst … height; anag. incl. E; ref. Damien H.
VHCJ. R. BeresfordMassed croaking about – a first sign of toads in romancemost cracking; re a t in gest
VHCMrs F. A. BlanchardBoast like The Mayor starting to gloat about a showdownmost … Bear; g re a test; ref. K. Livingstone
VHCC. A. ClarkePest of the back street gang not half mixed upbest … pack; anag. incl. ga(ng)
VHCN. C. DexterIn his own opinion, clot was way way behind at Greek – endlessly confusedwhat was Clay; anag. less k + St.
VHCA. J. DornBlow nest egg at the races, picking outsiders at randomnoblest; anag. of first and last letters
VHCJ. DromeyWhat Bally scene labelled RTE stage Irish?Ali’s been; anag.; ref. TV series ‘Ballykissangel’; Irish (offensive) = ludicrous
VHCR. R. GreenfieldEx-magistrate flounders in this maxi law testtallest; comp. anag.
VHCT. JacobsIn camper, Rob’ll get a rest travellingincomparable; anag.
VHCD. F. ManleyAfter gallery’s opening see foremost of twentieth-century art works this one’s seemed to be a Dalideemed to be as All; g + anag. incl. t
VHCE. J. S. NuttallLast part of ‘Charley’s Aunt’ get extra (not unknown) involvedAli’s chant; anag. less x
VHCMrs E. M. PhairIt’s good about new Tate’s rating of Dali. Who ever stated any opposition?Ali who devastated; g re + anag.
VHCA. RothPut shilling in compound rate, get rest in bankbest in rank; anag. incl. s
VHCJ. B. SweetingGet English star playing part of Charley’s AuntAli’s chant; anag. incl. E
VHCJ. R. TozerMy host integrates stranger not at homehighmost; anag. less in
VHCA. P. VickAfter uncontrolled rage, match waxy mum in mirthmaximum in worth; anag. + test
VHCR. J. WhaleOast associated with barley? Taken with gin, I get strange brew!boast … Ali; comp. anag.
VHCW. Wynne WillsonAuthorities chose parity as this criterion of eligibility for pension, we hearpose charity; ‘grey test’; ref. Corinthians 13
VHCDr E. YoungHost my PC bug locks on to, screening ‘love’most high; re in Gates + t(0); bug = important person; ref. recent computer virus

HCs in competition 1459 awarded to:

W. G. ArnottM. CoatesJ. P. LesterM. Sanderson
A. BarkerD. J. Dare-PlumptonH. M. LloydR. G. Smith
P. BartlamL. K. EdkinsR. K. LumsdonR. Stocks
P. BiddlecombeC. M. EdmundsG. MakerMs M. Stokes
Mrs K. BissettA. S. EverestN. J. MaynardP. L. Stone
R. E. BootP. D. GaffeyC. G. MillinC. W. Thomas
C. BoydJ. GrimesT. J. MooreyK. Thomas
H. J. BradburyR. HaddockR. J. PalmerS. J. J. Tiffin
E. J. BurgeR. J. HealdR. PerryB. Timmins
B. BurtonR. HeskethD. Price JonesA. J. Wardrop
Mrs M. J. CansfieldB. HitmanD. R. RobinsonG. H. Willett
C. W. ClenshawJ. R. H. JonesD. Roseveare 
D. C. ClenshawF. P. N. LakeH. R. Sanders