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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1024 Xmas 1991PRESENT (3 defs + sub. ind. of wrapping) Parcels26


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstDr E. YoungBook records offering after a heavenly signA(PRES ENT)RIES; def.
SecondE. A. BeaulahLosing his head (‘To be succeeded by a child!’) despot scents a competitor in the offingCHY(PRES ENT)RANT; ch for first letter of tyrant
ThirdC. G. MillinAfter French douceur, tempt one with diamondsA(PRES ENT)ICE; a + ice
VHCM. BarleyKings, after offering Son small tokens of adoration, return home East another wayA(PRES ENT)HRONES; anag. incl. ar, h E; king vb
VHCP. F. BauchopRound actor in farce is directed to exhibit emotion throughoutSEM(PRE SENT)IMENT; mime in sent
VHCMrs K. BissetAlways languishing, showing disturbing signs of ailments – me?SEM(PRE SENT)IMENTAL; anag.
VHCMrs D. ColleyTense, with no energy available for work after one’s got in a bad stateA(PRES ENT)ROPY; a + ropy
VHCN. C. DexterMajor battle against Germans cut current Tory EEC revoltY(PRES ENT)RECOTE; anag.
VHCC. M. Edmunds‘Gym-sore’, being shattered, beat, tender throughoutSEM(PRE SENT)RY-GO; anag.
VHCR. A. EnglandPeople trapped by recessionary conditions always prompt an emotional responseSEM(PRE SENT)IMENT; men in times (rev. )
VHCDr I. S. FletcherYeomen of the Guard? Stage musical always set around verge of moat?SEM(PRE SENT)RIES; m in series
VHCD. HarrisonA succession of cigars smothering your spirit fragrances – what you get at Christmas?CHY(PRES ENT)RAIN; yr in chain
VHCV. G. HendersonWork out chimney details, give scent, set out with ‘mush’CHY(PRE SENT)IMENTALISED; anag.
VHCJ. C. HobbsRose-water perfume gift – it clashes with my ChanelCHY(PRE SENT)IMENTAL; anag.
VHCJ. G. HullRomantic gift, scent, it blends with my ChanelCHY(PRE SENT)IMENTAL; anag.
VHCA. LawrieMaxim ready throughout times men are in tumultSEM(PRE SENT)IMENT; anag.
VHCM. A. Macdonald-CooperMysore: Gavaskar’s opening batting, always a tense dutySEM(PRE SENT)RY-GO; anag. incl. G
VHCMiss P. MalcolmPerfume? Soppy gift – manly ethic is compromisedCHY(PRE SENT)IMENTAL
VHCH. W. MassinghamYes, rich exotic perfume certain men with boxes bring in with ceremonyCHY(PRE SENT)RIES; anag.
VHCT. J. MooreyPuzzle time immense – always thought one should show generosity at Christmas!SEM(PRE SENT)IMENT; anag. incl. t
VHCC. J. MorseImmense crackers, given time, always deliver a maximSEM(PRE SENT)IMENT; anag. + t
VHCD. PendreyNoah’s final pair mustering (Forget last to play) in Paris after spellbinding displayA(PRES ENT)HRALLING; ah + rall(y)ing; ref. tennis, Yannick N., Guy F.
VHCJ. T. PriceRemember, old battle followers, it’s years since you were bornY(PRES ENT)OURAGE; your age
VHCL. G. D. SandersWeave after gift – a liquorA(PRES ENT)WINE; a wine
VHCMrs E. J. ShieldsGift perfume – emotional thought – brought down chimney on timeCHY(PRE SENT)IMENT; anag. + t
VHCP. L. StoneWaite’s central character released from pounded misery, a guard being there throughoutSEM(PRE SENT)RY; anag. less I; ref. Terry W.

HCs in competition 1024 awarded to:

C. J. BroughamH. FreemanS. G. G. MacDonaldH. L. Rhodes
Rev Canon C. M. BrounG. I. L. GraftonJ. A. MacleodE. R. Riddle
B. BurtonD. HarrisW. F. MainR. Rogan
D. A. CampbellP. HeapD. F. ManleyT. E. Sanders
E. ChalkleyP. F. HendersonP. W. MarlowW. J. M. Scotland
C. A. ClarkeM. J. HickmanH. S. MasonD. M. Stanford
R. M. S. CorkA. W. HillR. S. MoodyP. A. Stephenson
R. V. DeardenR. J. HooperR. S. MorseJ. B. Sweeting
M. EarleG. JohnstoneR. F. NaishR. C. Teuton
R. K. EastwoodMrs S. JordanS. J. O’BoyleA. J. Wardrop
D. S. FielkerR. E. KimmonsF. R. PalmerG. H. Willett
R. P. C. FormanDr P. D. KingD. Price JonesD. Williamson
B. FrancoC. LovingMiss I. M. Raab