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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
456 Oct 1957PLAFOND normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstS. GoldieYou see many admiring me in the Sistine Chapel almost fall head over heels in the piscina!fal(l) (rev.) in pond
SecondG. P. GoddardEndless drama, foolishly romantic, is apt to give the viewer a pain in the neckpla(y) fond
ThirdMiss S. DorringtonForward baggage in love, not wisely but too well, underneath the archesPLA fond; Passengers’ Luggage in Advance
HCD. AshcroftMetropolitan Harbour Board requires Tender for old Bridge, prior to ContractPLA fond; Port of London Authority
HCJ. W. BatesIf badly made it may be down shortly with a flop!anag. incl. dn, & lit.
HCA. N. ClarkFell head over heels fatuously in love—the outcome of some fancy work under the stairs!alp (rev.) + fond
HCS. B. GreenI’m high—plastered—and my pal is also getting a bit maudlinanag. of pal + fond; i.e. also plastered
HCA. LawrieSee the old fool in the Palladium rendering that artistic work “Underneath the Arches”la fon in Pd
HCMrs E. McFeeYou’ll find this above your head, being past taking in Latin and bottom in FrenchL in pa. + fond
HCC. J. Morse“Above-the-line” bridge makes players open short—then get foolish and flop disastrouslypla(yers) + fond, anag.
HCD. A. NichollsJittery “flap” over a round object—no date given for upshot. Gaze upward to admire its convolutions!anag. + O + n.d.; ref. Sputnik, launched Oct 1957
HCG. PerryWhat’s overhead? Satellite no network picked up before todaypla(net) + fond (obs. vb.); ref. Sputnik, launched Oct 1957
HCR. PostillYou must turn up for this game: it’s silly to play one short!pla(y) + fond, 2 mngs.; for = in order to see
HCT. E. SandersA possible result of floating is to make mountain climbing foolishalp (rev.) + fond; floating by plasterer, levitation
HCMrs E. M. SimmondsHigh up in the French Chamber—plastered with decorations—reshuffle and flop!anag.
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsFully plastered, I’m bossy: on the way to that condition, inclined to be amorous!pla(stered) + fond; boss2
HCD. H. TompsettElevated feature, possibly Italian, sticking up and seldom attempted nowadaysalp (rev.) + fond (obs. vb.), & lit.
HCJ. S. YoungSome coves might find this game a bit above them2 mngs.; cove, archit.

Runners-Up in competition 456:

J. A. AdamsonG. H. DicksonC. KoopJ. R. Scarr
C. Allen BakerP. G. DrazinC. J. LoweE. O. Seymour
Miss R. L. BennDr W. M. EastherA. W. MaddocksF. B. Stubbs
J. M. BennettMrs J. O. FullerW. L. MironMiss D. W. Taylor
F. H. BernardC. E. GatesP. H. MorganJ. Thompson
E. C. BinghamE. GomersallH. B. MortonH. D. Wakely
V. E. BrookeP. HoltbyF. E. NewloveJ. F. N. Wedge
C. M. BrounD. S. M. ImrieDr S. L. PatonH. F. C. Williams
Mrs J. ChalkleyV. JenningsL. S. PearceMrs M. Wishart
R. N. ChignellB. K. KellyE. G. PhillipsC. P. Wroth
Miss L. M. CollinsJ. J. KerrRev E. G. RileyA. J. Young