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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
590 May 1960STATANT Printer’s Devilry25


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. Allen BakerCleopatra was dazed and lo/ony, shaving. Come to! Hi! Send on a blade! 
SecondH. RotterI was lucky to be on the fir/e-post: odd Stens (H.E.) later shot down a last of oursante post odds: tens … alas to fours
ThirdJ. R. ScarrIn Montmartre—your aunti/e—his son—illicit union—liaison!French vocab., ‘ta tante’, ‘son’, ‘liaison’
HCD. B. J. AmblerThere’s lemonade for abstainers, for the re/al us! 
HCF. D. H. AtkinsonAt the radiance of the bride male eyes looked sunny, but female eyes looked mo/onyPrincess Margaret’s wedding
HCCapt A. S. BirtEve, re/alising life-long ambition to hunt, was overcome by huntsmenHunt’s Everest expedition
HCG. H. DicksonI bought this old Bu/ick, shopped early, and was taken for a rideantick shoppe
HCF. D. GardinerIt’s not re/alising—even in gin her company’s hell—get youtantalising evening
HCMrs M. HendersonSo men un/ique look in glacé, under the watchful eyes of them others—superior!nuns tat … mothers superior
HCLt M. J. HickmanWas Eve re/alising ambition? As her Pa might say, “Yes!”a Sherpa; ref. Hunt’s Everest expedition
HCC. H. HudsonPimply midshipman got before the Ma/hatma—despots much less obviousa tan that made spots
HCV. JenningsIf you want to, boa/r, eat your skin with oil—and lo! a fat, black pool! 
HCA. H. JonesForgiving your Pa—leche/ry! lying!—on your back in “The Sun” 
HCG. G. LawranceThe child’s full of ze/rumbet. Ray’s no need for a psychiatrist!betrays
HCDr T. J. R. MaguireTo fights in U.S., it is a special I./R.A. should be called insinusitis … antra
HCW. L. MironDominant Eve, re/alising objective, hunts among the successful: as her Pa also!Everest, Hunt, Sherpa
HCC. J. MorseXimenes makes our so-called Sunday, re/alising torment solvers feel 
HCF. E. NewloveMother’s be/en at a lad—vice, naturally!antenatal
HCD. E. NewmanFor years I lived there without re/alising Whistler lived next door! 
HCR. PostillAhmed cried in Paradise: “Hi!/ Ali Singh! Our idea, this bliss?hist, a tantalising Houri. Death…
HCE. J. RackhamThe Princess glances occasionally at the crowds, but looks mo/onyPrincess Margaret’s wedding
HCMrs F. ShepherdMusician welcomed fir/e-room was cold. Lyre placed later in orchestracoldly replaced
HCW. SteinbergThe State could be appropriate to a/id. Is Establishment gathering to further this cause?toast at antidisestablishment
HCMrs J. ThomasThough trade elsewhere has been lo/wer, palace industry still flourishesAntwerp lace
HCR. WilsonChoirboy enjoying a rep. (a/hem), time won’t please the vicar 

Runners-Up in competition 590:

Lt Col P. S. BainesMiss B. GrantA. F. PearseB. Darwin Smith
E. C. BinghamJ. E. HobsonT. D. Powell-DaviesF. B. Stubbs
R. W. BondS. J. HowardB. G. QuinW. H. Thornton
Rev C. M. BrounA. LawrieH. RaingerMrs J. E. Townsend
R. N. ChignellJ. D. LockettG. H. RavenorA. Turner
P. M. CoombsC. J. LoweN. RaymanR. A. Walker
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonR. K. LumsdenA. RivlinJ. Walters
J. H. DingwallSgt R. LunnMrs Z. RivlinJ. F. N. Wedge
J. H. EyreJ. MannMrs J. RobertsonG. C. West
J. A. FinckenMrs E. McFeeA. RobinsC. W. Willink
Mrs N. FisherT. W. MelluishMrs K. H. RossM. Woolf
Rev P. J. FitzPatrickM. H. MillerT. E. Sanders 
M. S. Y. FowlerMrs E. MorganE. O. Seymour 
R. McD. GrahamN. O’NeillMrs E. Shackleton