Azed Cup Winning Clues in 2018
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    DateClue wordWinnerClueExplanation
2428XmasSHEPHERDSI. SimpsonChristmas visitors deployed ships of the desert, crude site of tot’s first appearance being shedanag. less anag. incl. t
2425DecEPILIMNIOND. F. ManleySimon P is on Galilee’s, faltering – with SOS, gale’s goneanag. less SOS, gale’s, & lit.; ref. Matthew 14, 29-32
2421NovSPASMODICALG. BorooahÀ la PM’s disco dancing?anag. & lit.; ref. Theresa May at Tory conference
2417OctALTARAGE / PROPOSAL (Right and Left)Dr S. J. ShawSunday’s offerings get two answers arranged with a ‘Right & Left’ design, a line below favouring Chambersanag. incl. a, a, r, l: pro + pos + a l
2412SepUBIQUARIANT. RuddAn antique pot I rub will yield this potent being ordered near and farcomp. anag.
2408AugLUNCHEONETTEM. BarleyDiner munched on lettuce when needing to lose weightanag. less w
2403JulSWALE (Spoonerisms)W. DreverBirch a lout with old-fashioned wicker lasheslurch about; w in sale2
2399JunCHARMEUSEDr I. S. FletcherWanting soft weave purchase me, perhapsanag. less p, & lit.
2395MayPURITANISMDr P. W. NashCooking turnips, I am following the precepts of Oliveranag.; ref. O. Cromwell, Jamie O.
2390AprPOISSON D’AVRILC. A. ClarkePerhaps spaghetti trees or ravioli ponds should be treated with a pinch of saltanag. incl s; ref. famous 1957 ‘Panorama’ hoax
2386MarPENNY-A-LINERDr J. BurscoughWriter, non-literary, churning shoddy rot outpen + anag. less anag., & lit.
2382FebSTRIPE def. HARLOT (Wrong Number)J. C. LeylandArrangement of ‘Pirates’ is striking centrepiece for brass bandbrass; anag. less a
2378JanPROPOSALJ. C. LeylandRough loo paper’s leaving one’s rear tenderanag. less e