Azed Cup Winning Clues in 2019
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    DateClue wordWinnerClueExplanation
2464SepBRAINPOWERM. BarkerThis country’s losing it – report of impact on the Queen is what gets us all thinkingBr(it)ain + pow + ER
2460AugTWEETM. BarleyPost we put on net (there’s no Chambers entry for noun)post we net less pos n, & lit.; ref. entry in C.
2456JulTRACTOR / TORMINAL (Overlaps)R. J. HealdHunt losing backing might help us till normality restored, avoiding unseemly Tory gripingtrac(k); till3; anag. less anag.; ref. Jeremy H., Conservative leadership race
2451JunCAPUTI. SimpsonMontero gets place for parking here?cap with put for P, & lit.; ref. Mitsubishi M.
2447MayCONGENERM. HodgkinLeave campaign’s right wing and European right like birds of a feathercongé + n, E, r
2443AprERATHEM (Printer’s Devilry)E. C. LanceIn Mozart’s op/inion, Figaro must outwit his master 
2438MarMONTE DI PIETÀR. J. PalmerLiberal loans with this could be arranged by old-time Neapolitanscomp. anag. incl. L, & lit.
2434FebSTONKEREDMrs A. M. WaldenParalytic strokes mostly end badlyanag. less s
2430JanCLERIHEWM. BarleyQuirky couplets of rhyme celebrating well-known lifeanag. of initial letter pairs, & lit.