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175218 Dec 2005‘Mixed Foursomes’🏆
175111 Dec 2005Plain 
17504 Dec 2005‘Smoke Poles’🏆
174927 Nov 2005Plain 
174820 Nov 2005Plain 
174713 Nov 2005Plain 
17466 Nov 2005Plain🏆
174530 Oct 2005Plain 
174423 Oct 2005Plain 
174316 Oct 2005Plain 
17429 Oct 2005Plain 
174025 Sep 2005Plain 
173918 Sep 2005Plain 
173811 Sep 2005Plain 
17374 Sep 2005Plain🏆
173628 Aug 2005Plain 
173414 Aug 2005Plain 

The Azed Cup

T. J. Moorey wins First Prize in competition 2508.

CHARACTER (Misprints)

A daily performance is getting on flipping mask

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The current Azed competition closes on Saturday 8th August

🏆  AZED  No. 2,512  2nd Aug

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Dr Watson reviews Azed 2508

From the archive

Liberal loans with this could be arranged by old-time Neapolitans (12, 3 words)

First prize winner by R. J. Palmer in competition 2438