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1.  C. A. Clarke: A focus group could supply this very neat report (v ox pop).

2.  C. Short: Result of work by getting point of view out and about? (op x in POV (all rev.), & lit.).

3.  D. P. Shenkin: —— muddled, with what reasons? Pshaw! A pox on voters! (comp. anag. & lit.).


C. J. Brougham: Public opinion is very often minimized by the Etonian élite (v o x + Pop; ref. privileged Eton society).

R. J. Heald: Point of view reflecting ordinary people’s principles, including how one might vote? (x in POV (rev.) + first letters, & lit.).

J. C. Leyland: Current thinking is unknown chamber work’s penned by Vivaldi originally (V + x po in op).

D. F. Manley: There’s this on streets – voters’ (not experts’) hopes to be broadcast (comp. anag. & lit.).

C. G. Millin: Public showing preference primarily when over half vote for ‘leave’ ultimately (expo p with vo for e, & lit.; over = finished).

T. J. Moorey: Sample of views on vote for cutting Republican chump’s term? (v o’ x pro less R + p, & lit.; ref. Trump impeachment).

M. L. Perkins: Leaders in very old Times with an attempt to show public opinion (v, o, x + pop).

A. Plumb: Very cross after Corbyn’s second attempt to get the public vote (v + x after o + pop).

S. Randall: Broadcast comments over repeatedly replacing Laporte at the back annoy Guardiola (o for e twice in vex Pep; ref. Man. City manager and Aymeric L.).

Dr S. J. Shaw: Expression of polling embodied by particular views of ordinary passers-by primarily when broadcast (x in anag. of first letters, & lit.).

P. L. Stone: Public opinion’s against Corbyn’s second attempt pursuing No. 10 (v, o + x + pop).

J. Vincent & Ms R. Porter: What may be expressed in vote (official poll or plebiscite, primarily) after insertion of ‘X’? (X in first letters, & lit.).

Mrs A. M. Walden: What you hear on phone-ins – very bovine, narrow-minded people primarily (v ox + po2 + p).

T. West-Taylor: Public opinion can steer Trump finally into reversing point of view (ox + p in POV (rev.); can = enclose).

R. J. Whale: Very essence of Roxy Music? The recording of Street Life perhaps? (V ox pop; ref. RM’s hit single).

A. Whittaker: Trump’s no. 2 for instance, adopts a bovine, narrow-minded definition of public opinion (ox po in VP).


D. Appleton, D. & N. Aspland, M. Barker, M. Barley, T. Blakeson, T. C. Borland, Mrs S. Brown, Dr J. Burscough, D. Carter, Dr P. Coles, Ms S. Curran (France), W. Drever, A. S. Everest, P. Finan, Dr I. S. Fletcher, R. Gilbert, J. Grimes, A. H. Harker, M. Hodgkin, T. Jacobs, G. Johnstone, J. P. Lester, E. Looby, P. W. Marlow, Rev Prebendary M. R. Metcalf, J. R. C. Michie, D. J. R. Ogilvie (USA), J. & A. Price, M. Price, Ms L. Quee, W. Ransome, Dr J. B. Reid, T. Rudd, N. G. Shippobotham, R. C. Teuton, P. Tharby, S. J. J. Tiffin, J. R. Tozer, Ms S. Wallace, A. J. Wardrop, J. Woodall (France).

198 entries, and no mistakes that I could spot. 15 clues received votes as your favourite, most going to ‘What’s fizzing? This, right!’ for ASTI. Quite a few entries reached me after the closing date, not uncommon these days. Do try to send entries off as promptly as you can, preferably with a first-class stamp. I do still prefer postal entries, I’m afraid.
VOX POP was clearly not easy to deal with, offering a limited number of approaches. And choice of wording (the more natural the better) became an even more crucial element than usual. In the wake of the election, that general theme was understandably popular. The POV abbreviation, which I don’t remember coming across before, proved very useful. Anyway I commend you all for tackling a tricky compound word so gamely. I had slight misgivings about Mr Brougham’s reference to the Etonian term Pop, which is not in Chambers, deciding in the end that it was sufficiently familiar to most to be acceptable. Doubtless you will correct me if you disagree. Public school slang is a bit of a minefield, while offering rich pickings for the specialized linguist.


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