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1.  J. W. Bates: G.I.? Gravity Indicator (2 mngs.; American; Newton’s apple).

2.  A. Lawrie: Prematurely cut off beloved one who caused David to lament (jo(y) + Nathan, II Sam. 12, & lit.).

3.  C. G. Millin: One to succeed leader of tribe in Old Testament book (t in Jonah + an, & lit., Saul).


A. J. Crow: The blighter’s eaten the last of the fruit—an apple (t in Jonah + an).

A. J. Entwistle: The apple of the psalmist’s eye? (2 mngs.).

L. D. J. Gatt: The apple of David’s eye (2 mngs.).

J. Gill: The apple of David’s eye? (2 mngs.).

Miss M. E. R. Henderson: Swift? Yes indeed. Swifter than eagles (2 mngs.; Jonathan S.; II Sam. 1).

A. H. Jones: The apple of David’s eye (2 mngs.).

Mrs E. McFee: Uncle Sam keeps a woolly hat on in January (anag. in Jan).

C. J. Morse: For the Americans, Johnson’s lead forward to Hanoi has petered out (J on at Han(oi)).

F. E. Newlove: Predeceased his beloved on a Thursday in January (on a Th in Jan).

M. Newman: Statesman, Liberal prophet, Cox’s cousin (3 mngs.).

N. O’Neill: Americans in general can give one the pip (2 mngs.).

F. R. Palmer: Inhabitant of N.E., perhaps, needs some sort of hat on in a winter month (anag. in Jan; New England).

D. G. Putnam: Swift? More so than eagles (2 mngs.; Jonathan S.).

J. Seville: The apple of David’s eye (2 mngs.).

L. de V. Sunderland: Uncle Sam, the apple of the boy David’s eye (2 mngs.).

J. W. Taylor: Apple of Hebrew Beloved’s eye? (2 mngs.).

J. F. N. Wedge: Apple of David’s eye? (2 mngs.).

J. B. Widdowson: Swift among his friends; without a friend, swifter than an eagle (2 mngs.; Jonathan S.).


Mrs K. Bissett, P. R. Clemow, Miss G. Cowan, Mrs M. P. Craine, J. Crowther, J. McI. Cruickshank, N. C. Dexter, L. A. Diehl, W. Eite, P. H. Freeman, L. H. Garrett, Mrs R. Harvey, F. H. W. Hawes, Mrs E. J. Holmes, E. M. Hornby, D. E. G. Irvine, L. W. Jenkinson, R. E. Kimmons, M. A. Lassman, K. F. Lawton, Mrs B. Lewis, L. E. Lodge, D. P. M. Michael, J. D. P. O’Leary, W. H. Pegram, D. C. Pleece, R. Postill, L. Reece, T. E. Sanders, Sir W. Slimmings, J. Sparrow, Brig R. F. E. Stoney, K. Thomas, D. J. Thorpe, B. J. Wain, Rev C. D. Westbrook.

COMMENTS:—Just over 200 entries (not including those who sent in solutions but couldn’t find the Theme) and very few mistakes in solution. I have very mixed feelings about this puzzle. It clearly gave great pleasure to those who enjoy a tougher struggle than usual; it clearly also caused much frustration, and I don’t like causing that. All would have been well if more people were still familiar with the Sherlock Holmes stories in detail; far fewer are than I expected. So it was for many a matter of probably irritating research; to those who found it so I apologise, and to those who said they appreciated it I say thank you! It was, of course, perfectly possible to fill the whole diagram correctly without finding the Theme; I thought I ought to insist on the Theme being found by competitors—hence my choice of word for clue-writers. The entry would obviously have been far bigger if I had chosen some ordinary word in the diagram; that would have saved the frustration, but I think many competitors would still have been left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Well, there it is; it isn’t easy to produce the occasional snorter which many enjoy without causing frustration—but I must try next time.
To reward those who succeeded, I have given a rather higher proportion of mentions than usual. I’m sorry the “apple of the eye” idea has become rather monotonous, but I think it deserves its places.

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