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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
26 Jun 1946HAWSER Misprints21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. W. Melluish’Twixt tower and moatboat; cryptic def., i.e. tow-er
SecondG. N. StewartMany stranded; not the slightest hoperope; cryptic def.
ThirdS. B. GreenPrinter’s large typepainter’s; cryptic def.; painter1
HCM. A. AndersonThis rope’s end is warmingwarping; cryptic def.
HCT. A. BottomleyHandy for cowing of a shrewtowing; anag.
HCRev G. J. BoucherLinks the shop with the bankship; cryptic def.
HCCol CampbellSome clue! What a hope!rope; cryptic def.; clue2 = knot
HCA. D. ConnellRipe with berries before the end of summerrope; haws (summ)er
HCL. E. EyresVictory was once secured by this warning cablewarping; cryptic def.; HMS Victory
HCA. J. GarrattWire to Betty as soon as the ship docksjetty; cryptic def.
HCL. JohnsonWas her anagram made of twisted words? Yescords; anag.
HCMiss T. LawrenceThe Rape of the Lockrope; cryptic def.
HCJ. J. MurphyA shrew, though reformed, might still carpwarp; anag.
HCE. H. PyleA great pope saw her convertedrope; anag.
HCC. M. RalliThe taming of a shrew. A wife that must not snapwire; anag.
HCJ. F. SmithIf you take Shaw seriously, there’s hope for yourope; hidden
HCC. W. SpringbettA dope to make you fastrope; cryptic def.
HCJ. R. StephenA large rope is another way of taming a shrewtaking; anag.
HCCapt C. Tyers, RNYou’d expect to find a shrew where carping’s going onwarping; anag.
HCJ. W. WardenAdjustable washer used in fastening boltsboats; anag.
HCG. E. P. WoodRape of the lockrope; cryptic def.

No Runners-Up in competition 26