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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
33 Sep 1946TAMBERS normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstF. L. UsherSound qualities of English character can be discerned even in Mr. Bates (O Twist)anag.; ref. character in ‘Oliver Twist’
SecondT. E. SandersRest a doctor ordered for its tonic qualitiesanag. of rest a MB
ThirdF. E. NewloveA rest and M. & B. have latent tonic qualitiesanag. of a rest M B; ref. May & Baker medicines
HCI. CheyneQualities of the cor anglais?cryptic def.; i.e. anglicisation of ‘timbres’
HCH. E. ElphickWould not be appreciated by a doctor when his rest is disturbedanag. of a MB rest
HCMiss J. FryIs the musician in tears upset because these offend his ear?anag. incl. B.M. (Bachelor of Music)
HCS. B. GreenForeign stamps collected by both Mr. Bates and Master B. (Tony)anags. of Mr Bates, Master B; timbres (Fr.) = stamps; i.e. ‘of tone’
HCMiss F. H. HarrisMus. Bac. in heart-broken tears—because the musical qualities are anglicised?M.B.[?] in anag. of tears
HCMrs L. JarmanIf you want musical tones, give the buglers an interval with minced meatanag. of Brs. (abbrev.) meat
HCJ. Hardie KeirAnd these, in balanced combination, content a bandmaster!comp. anag. incl. and, & lit.
HCMrs D. M. KissenBest-selling American heroine owes tony English qualities to sojourn in back streetAmber in St (rev.); ref. ‘Forever Amber’, by Kathleen Winsor
HCMiss W. LawsonBert’s morning begins with tea: the arrangement sounds tonicanag. of Bert’s am, beginning with T (‘tea’)
HCG. H. McConnellSound qualities forever lacking in novel with a back street settingAmber in St (rev.); ref. ‘Forever Amber’, by Kathleen Winsor
HCA. E. NorthSir Henry might have said “Shiver my ——!” at a false note in his Fantasiatimbers with a letter wrong; ref. Sir Henry Wood, ‘British Sea Songs’
HCR. NoskwithShaver my ——!, as the conductor of the ship’s orchestra might saycryptic def.; cf. ‘shiver my timbers’
HCR. C. PaynWarning light in a back street unlikely to be recognised by the chef d’orchestreamber in St (rev.); i.e. anglicisation of French ‘timbres’
HCMrs P. B. RhodesIs the R.A.M. best adapted to display musical qualities in true English form?anag.
HCG. H. SavageFor all-British tonal characteristics I give the R.A.M. bestanag.
HCF. Wallace-HadrillI enclose a decoration, with the thanks of the Royal Society, for sound qualitiesMBE in ta RS
HCRev R. J. WhitakerArrangement by English composer of bars met in Old French tunesanag.

No Runners-Up in competition 33