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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
49 Apr 1947ESPERANTO normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstW. K. M. SlimmingsThe tongue that Shakespeare spake? Only when you analyse him literally, and not otherwise!anag. of speare not; i.e. shake speare
SecondR. C. PaynUltimately half of Milton and more than half of Shakespeare may be translated into this languageanag. of (Mil)ton (Shake)speare
ThirdA. H. TaylorWanted!—Medium suitable for international communication.—Apply nearest Post Office.anag. incl. PO
HCC. Allen BakerOne’s pater puts out the tongue. So common!anag.
HCDr G. R. AspinwallMeans to promote international understanding, like I docryptic def.; i.e. like Ido
HCMrs BairdTongue: choice product, not for national usecryptic def.; ref. food rationing
HCE. P. BarrettFor the Human Race. Hopeful Language, by Zamenhof out of Erato’s Penanag.; L. L. Z. inventor of Esperanto
HCK. BowerWould such language cause A. P. to Sneer?anag.; ref. A. P. Herbert
HCRev H. D. Owen BrownNot a mother-tongue but derived from one’s pateranag.
HCMrs CurrallUniversal talkie flopcryptic def.
HCP. A. DavenportShakespeare’s? Not this language!anag. of peares not; i.e. shakes peare’s
HCM. N. FranceShakespeare not Zamenhof produced this languageanag. of speare not; i.e. shake speare; L. L. Z.
HCS. B. GreenErsatz tongue (rationable?) would provide one repast, anyhowanag.; ref. food rationing
HCA. S. KingA pert nose and a tongue sticking outanag.
HCR. R. MersonHere’s hoping one will turn to p. 6! (because the Introduction’s by Zamenhof?)anag. of to p. Arsene; esperanto (Sp.) = one who hopes; ref. to solution at 6
HCJ. M. W. NewmanLondon Evening Star article to read as one word, hoping one’s linguistic invention will be equal to it!’Esper an to
HCMrs M. G. PorterOne repast (reconstituted) consists of tongueanag.
HCMrs H. T. SorleyDo you understand this as well as I do?cryptic def.; i.e. Ido
HCF. L. UsherA speech couched in neat prose must be made to celebrate its Diamond Jubileeanag.: E. invented 1887
HCCapt J. E. WardAfter only a very short study of this language one can write neat proseanag.
HCW. H. J. WheelerNot a mother-tongue, but may be acquired from one’s pater!anag.

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