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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
62 Oct 1947HERCULES normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstA. H. TaylorNo load-shedding needed on this grid, by Jove!cryptic def.; ref. the burden of Atlas, power cuts, national power grid and crossword grid
SecondR. PostillStrong supporter of Labour policy. Some talk of him as successor to Defence Ministercryptic def.; ref. song ‘The British Grenadiers’, “Some talk of Alexander, and some of H.”, and A. V. Alexander, Min. of Defence
ThirdMaj D. P. M. MichaelHe’s about the most complicated cluer—unchecked in 12 is indicative of his effortsanag. in he’s; ref. twelve labours of H.; extra clue to 12! [see comments]
HCDr G. R. AspinwallHeroin trials—Celebrated club-man sentenced to 12 years’ hard labourcryptic def.; i.e., hero in trials
HCMiss M. BehrendtTry your strength, sir? Stout fellow! He’s got his money backlucre (rev.) in he’s
HCMrs CaithnessWould he have ended with irritable ulcers if he’d worn a dehydrated shirt?he + anag.; i.e., de-hydra-ted, ref. Tunic of Nessus, tainted with hydra’s blood, that killed H.
HCL. D. CosgroveIt wasn’t half a horse he had his shirt on—quite the reverse!cryptic def.; ref. Tunic of Nessus, centaur killed by H.
HCA. R. FraserHe’s got back the advantage, he served so stronglylucre (rev.) in he’s
HCS. B. GreenThe heavens were a burden unto me as I sought after fruits of gold. (Job xi)cryptic def.; ref. 11th labour of H.: burden of Atlas, apples of the Hesperides
HCA. B. HorneWas she cruel to set him spinning?anag. & lit.; ref. story of H. and Omphale, Ovid Fasti II.305
HCW. G. KerrLabour Champion who will secure House of Lords reform?anag. of secure HL; ref. Parliament Bill, published in 1947; labours of H.
HCMrs D. M. KissenStrong Labour Party about to make the House of Lords secure!anag. of HL secure; ref. Parliament Bill, published in 1947; labours of H.
HCMiss H. MilvainHe lacked a bit of her muscle! She must have been an Amazon!anag. of her (m)uscle
HCD. G. C. MockridgeOne club, enabling him to force his opponents and fulfil his contractcryptic def.; ref. labours of H. and bridge
HCRev E. B. PeelHad great strength in both hands, and could have made a grand slam with a club lead, but went mad in play, and failed to strip the suitcryptic def.; ref. play ‘H. Furens’ by Seneca the Younger, and bridge
HCF. P. PickeringEx-stable-hand who became a columnistcryptic def.; ref. Augean stables, Pillars of H.
HCMrs E. ShackletonSpent twelve years doing odd jobs, but is now tiredcryptic def.; ref. twelve labours of H., and H. Cycle and Motor Company
HCRev K. G. ThompsonStrong Labour man who started the Fabians off long before 1884cryptic def.; ref. family of Fabii claimed descent from H., and Fabian society
HCM. A. VernonThe labourer’s love was in violence; he’s cruel, warpedanag.; Iole (hidden in violence) was claimed by H. for a bride
HCC. Ellery Williams“Great strength returns the penny?” He’s got his money backlucre (rev.) in he’s; ref. motto of ‘try your strength’ machine

Runners-Up in competition 62:

E. S. AinleyMrs E. M. HollandMrs M. G. PorterJ. S. Thompson
D. AshcroftG. A. HornsbyH. Rainger 
G. W. BainR. S. JaffrayD. J. Smith 
H. F. GreenwoodA. MontgomerieP. H. Taylor