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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
647 Jun 1961MADCAP normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. GomersallCake with nuts on topmad + cap; C. gives cake = madcap
SecondD. G. PutnamI need a restraining influence up topdam (rev.) + cap, & lit.
ThirdMrs L. JarmanLike the repast Alice was offered—a piece of mushroom—this makes one excessively elevated!mad cap; A. in W., chaps. 7 (tea party) & 5 (caterpillar)
HCD. B. J. AmblerJolly reckless bats to put in the first eleven!mad cap (vb.)
HCR. J. AtkinHot-headed, violently passionate salutemad cap (vb.)
HCF. D. H. AtkinsonHe’s over-exuberant but very keen on the summit!mad + cap
HCJ. W. BatesRash caused by spending summer in unhealthy damp surroundings?CA in anag.; accountant = s.s.
HCR. N. ChignellBats with peak outrageously inclinedmad + cap
HCJ. CorderyRash, that’s what I am—a form of cell discharge where spots can be located externallyi.e. a DC in map; battery cell
HCM. C. FoakesWildly excited with sporting achievement—that’s the Hotspur!mad + cap; ref. Tottenham H.’s League and Cup double, 1961
HCC. E. GatesHeedless of danger, the policeman has come up with the first man and grasped him by the headi.e. A of Adam inside PC (all rev.)
HCJ. GillIt’s extremely foolish to select for an international match one of the Hotspursmad cap (vb.); ref Tottenham H. and football
HCV. JenningsMum’s got 8/4d. coming to her from Dad’s rise—she feels quite reckless!Ma + Pa C d. (rev.); C d. = 100 pence (8s. 4d.)
HCA. A. MalcolmI get rash every now and then; but I’m always better after doctor’s seen about one!a in MD + cap; cap (vb.) = better
HCMrs E. McFeeCuckoo, about April, is exceedingly fond of a larkmad c. Ap.
HCM. NewmanCrackers, with loud banger, would suit such a party!mad + cap, & lit.; party = person
HCK. PerryA daring rig is my delight, using only half a handkerchief (brightly-coloured) and something light for the top part!mad(ras) + cap; rig2; madras = handkerchief worn on the head
HCR. E. ScratonMaster on six hundred per annum needs rise; he’s liable to take rash action!MA + DC + p.a. (rev.)
HCMrs E. ShackletonRash one got from taking portion of toadstool after having violent appetite?mad + cap; mad = violently affected by appetite
HCE. TaylorRed-headed test player, gone on to bowl, should ginger things up a bitmad cap, mad + cap; see red-headed, gone, and cap2 in C.; poss. ref. to Jack Flavell, ginger-haired England test bowler
HCMiss D. W. TaylorI like a lark am up to salute day’s first breakingd(ay) in am (rev.) + cap (vb.)

Runners-Up in competition 647:

C. Allen BakerP. R. ChapmanF. H. W. HawesM. G. Powell-Davies
Mrs P. C. BarclayP. M. CoombsMrs E. J. HolmesA. Robins
W. BarrowA. E. CrowE. M. HornbyMrs M. Robins
E. A. BeaulahG. CuthbertA. H. JonesH. R. Sanders
T. E. BellN. C. DexterP. W. W. LeachT. E. Sanders
H. BernardG. H. DicksonDr T. J. R. MaguireL. T. Stokes
Capt A. S. BirtH. B. DrakeP. H. MorganF. B. Stubbs
G. BradbrookSgt J. DromeyC. J. MorseJ. Thompson
R. BrainJ. DuffillF. E. NewloveMrs J. E. Townsend
A. BristowJ. H. EyreMiss P. OliverH. S. Tribe
J. BrockA. G. FlemingF. R. PalmerK. F. Unwin
J. A. BulleyC. C. M. GiffinMiss M. J. PatrickG. R. Webb
B. BurtonS. GoldieG. PerryM. Woolf
C. O. ButcherR. R. GreenfieldR. Postill