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About this clue type

Solvers submit with their solution an anagram of a phrase, a quotation or a set of words or letters that is to be determined by solving the puzzle.

  DateClue wordCluesWinner
AZ1492Xmas 2000The year that Columbus discovered America28Rev Canon C. M. Broun
AZ1387Xmas 1998Dylan Thomas: A Child’s Christmas in Wales24C. R. Gumbrell
AZ1232Xmas 1995The world is too much with us; late and soon29Rev Canon C. M. Broun
AZ972Xmas 1990Anagram of 28 letters28D. E. Schlesinger & M. Wetherfield
AZ660Xmas 1984Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse29N. C. Dexter
AZ600Oct 1983Into the jaws of Death / Into the mouth of Hell35P. Cargill
AZ250Jan 1977Stands the church clock at ten to three?44H. W. Massingham
AZ165May 1975Lance, pompano, bonito, porbeagle, thornback, menhaden, albacore, huso29Dr G. B. Greer
AZ105Mar 1974Malabar-rat, raccoon, nylghau, oriole, aberdevine, howler33J. Horwood
AZ14Jun 1972Terrapin, hermit, elephant, armadillo, rhesus27N. C. Dexter
X1058May 1969Aragon, Boleyn, Seymour, Cleves, Howard, Parr22D. H. Smith
X800May 1964Charlemagne, Emperor of the West23R. A. Mostyn
X600Jul 1960The Light Brigade, noble Six Hundred23Lt Col P. S. Baines
X415Xmas 1956When the snow lay round about25Capt W. H. W. Ridley
X263Xmas 1953We think so then and we thought so still!22Brig W. E. Duncan
X188Mar 1952Beware the Ides of March30C. J. Morse