Azed Cup Winning Clues written by D. F. Manley
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D. F. Manley4113237342173
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2334ALLELUIAHResponse from us all in the aisles, reborn with wretched sins set aside?anag. less anag. & lit.
2265ESPRIT FORTProf. RD’s an atheist – and has this designation possibly?comp. anag. & lit.; ref. Richard Dawkins
2200BRINDISIGive possible rendition of this with Greene King – i.e. sing, drinking beer?comp. anag. & lit.
2091SNIFTERJumbly mariners averting ruin — a pinky paper’s absorbed wetFT in anag. less mar, ref. Edward Lear, ‘The Jumblies’ III, 3, 4
1967SUBORDINATELYAs in ‘B-role’ duty possiblyanag. & lit.
1918PALAMPORESpread – array of two pages or a meal?anag. incl. p, p
1818POISSO(N) D’AVRIL (Letters Latent)This wheeze? I hope AZ soIver wised up!comp. anag. & lit.; up = in an excited state
1801RUSE DE GUERREUsing crude Greek horse deceptively? Shocking ——!comp. anag., & lit.; ref Trojan horse
1746ENTOMICNo insect, mite could be in —— set, mistakenlycomp. anag., & lit.; mite is an arachnid
1707GALENA (Definition of Anagram)What was assessment of lawn? Good, given a nitrogen-enriched tract of grassalnage; g + a = N in lea; lawn, fabric
1572SHIELD-MAYA possible representation of M. Hilda, yes?anag. & lit,; ref. Margaret H. Thatcher
1485BOURSE / TIFOSO (Right and Left)What we have in financial paper is an institution for business enthusiast, so I love FT inordinatelyours in be (= bill of exchange); anag. incl. 0
1467CANAPÉFirst thing Cowper has paean about?C + anag. & lit.; ref. ‘I sing the sofa’ at start of ‘The Task’ by William C.
1281ABLUTOMANEOne unbedded in ambulation when perturbed by last vestige of gore?anag. less I + e; ref. Lady Macbeth
1117STAMNOS (3 Consecutive Letters)So Greek —— could indefinitely offer more songs, Keats?comp. anag., & lit., ref Ode to a Grecian Urn
1100CONCORDANCENew-fashioned cleric has one on a CD to output ‘Elisha’ possibly?comp. anag., & lit.
1076PARLOUR GAMESWhat could give Xmas group real excitement with kiss as forfeit?anag. less X
1039TOLERABLEBeing otherwise, Albert’s swallowed ’ole’ole in anag., ref. M. Edgar: The Lion and Albert
1030PASTILLEAction by sucker may give this reduced radiuspas tille(r), & lit.
1026LET-OFFAid denied to oft-failed bats?anag. less aid, & lit.
1000ONE THOUSANDThe Sun. No. specially launched with a doanag. & lit.; ref. AZ 1000 lunch
943BARAGOUINObtain Gowers and usage may be reformed as this goes westcomp. anag. & lit. ref. Sir Ernest Gowers: The Complete Plain Words
882DOSSIERSecond OED is out – the latest thing in computer gathering of reference materialanag. incl. s + r
762OBELISEOED’s ‘boist’ ’owler? Abandoned words to ——comp. anag. & lit.
735MALIGNWhat a gremlin could be with regard to flyinganag. less re, & lit.
722SUPERNACULUMUntil disposal is 100% effective unending nuclear rumpus will brewanag. less r, ref Sellafield, etc.
714MOTEPerceive what is within you rather than one in brothero for a in mate, & lit., ref. Luke 6:41
547GLEEMANBard puts a touch of magic into E. Lang. and E. Lit.m in anag. lit = drunk
366MONKEY-SHINEHokes in NY me? Perhaps – when respelt!anag., & lit., i.e. hoax
336ELF-ARROW / CUTHBERT (Right and Left)One who has got out of fighting splashes the Brut about – supposed means of enchanting women for real thrillsanag. inc c; anag. inc w.; ref. Henry Cooper after-shave ad.
100CENTENARIANAn ancient the Queen may get excitedanag. incl. ER, & lit.; ref. Royal telegram
31KITCHENDOMIt incorporates equipment around woman of the housekit c hen dom, & lit.