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2021-20222569 to 261710 of 13 complete
2020-20212517 to 2564R. J. Heald
2019-20202464 to 2512R. J. Heald
2018-20192412 to 2460M. Barley
2017-20182360 to 2408R. J. Heald
2016-20172309 to 2356R. J. Heald
A. J. Wardrop
2015-20162250 to 2305 (exc 2270)M. Barley
R. J. Heald
2014-20152200 to 2248M. Barley
2013-20142148 to 2196C. J. Morse
2012-20132096 to 2144R. J. Heald
2011-20122045 to 2091M. Barley
D. F. Manley
2010-20111992 to 2040R. J. Heald
2009-20101940 to 1988J. C. Leyland
D. F. Manley
2008-20091888 to 1936J. C. Leyland
2007-20081836 to 1884R. J. Heald
T. J. Moorey
2006-20071784 to 1831M. Barley
2005-20061733 to 1779M. Barley
2004-20051680 to 1728N. C. Dexter
D. F. Manley
T. J. Moorey
2003-20041624 to 1676 (exc 1663)D. F. Manley
2002-20031572 to 1619C. R. Gumbrell
2001-20021519 to 1567D. F. Manley
2000-20011467 to 1515C. R. Gumbrell
1999-20001415 to 1463C. R. Gumbrell
1998-19991363 to 1411C. R. Gumbrell
1997-19981312 to 1360C. R. Gumbrell
1996-19971260 to 1307C. J. Morse
1995-19961203 to 1255 (exc 1234)C. J. Morse
1994-19951152 to 1200C. R. Gumbrell
1993-19941100 to 1147D. F. Manley
1992-19931048 to 1095D. F. Manley
1991-1992995 to 1043D. F. Manley
1990-1991943 to 991R. J. Hooper
1989-1990891 to 939F. R. Palmer
1988-1989840 to 887D. F. Manley
1987-1988788 to 835M. Barley
1986-1987735 to 783E. J. Burge
N. C. Dexter
1985-1986683 to 731R. J. Hooper
1984-1985631 to 679R. J. Hooper
1983-1984581 to 627D. F. Manley
1982-1983530 to 576D. F. Manley
1981-1982473 to 525 (exc 482)D. F. Manley
1980-1981423 to 469C. J. Morse
1979-1980371 to 419N. C. Dexter
D. F. Manley
R. J. Palmer
1978-1979314 to 366 (exc 345)F. R. Palmer
1977-1978259 to 310 (exc 298)C. J. & R. S. Morse
1976-1977208 to 255D. F. Manley
W. K. M. Slimmings
1975-1976156 to 203F. R. Palmer
1974-1975105 to 152J. R. Kirby
1973-197453 to 100C. Allen Baker
C. O. Butcher
F. R. Palmer
1972-19731 to 50N. C. Dexter
L. F. Leason
R. J. Palmer
Ximenes competitions
1970-19711110 to 1162 (exc 1149)N. C. Dexter
1969-19701058 to 1106N. C. Dexter
1968-19691006 to 1054Mrs B. Lewis
D. P. M. Michael
R. Postill
1967-1968958 to 1002C. J. Morse
1966-1967907 to 954N. C. Dexter
1965-1966860 to 902R. Postill
1964-1965808 to 856C. J. Morse
1963-1964750 to 804 (exc 756)P. M. Coombs
J. Flood
Mrs E. McFee
1962-1963700 to 746S. B. Green
R. E. Scraton
1961-1962647 to 694C. J. Morse
R. Postill
1960-1961595 to 642C. Allen Baker
C. J. Morse
1959-1960543 to 590C. J. Morse
R. Postill
1958-1959490 to 538C. J. Morse
1957-1958438 to 486R. Postill
1956-1957386 to 434C. J. Morse
1955-1956329 to 382C. J. Morse
1954 (2)285 to 325C. J. Morse
1954 (1)259 to 283S. B. Green
1953 (2)233 to 257C. J. Morse
1953 (1)207 to 231C. J. Morse
1952 (2)194 to 206C. J. Morse
1952 (1)181 to 193C. Allen Baker
1951 (2)168 to 180J. H. Dingwall
C. E. Gates
T. W. Melluish
1951 (1)155 to 167S. B. Green
1950 (2)135 to 154S. B. Green
1950 (1)118 to 130C. Allen Baker
F. A. Clark
S. B. Green
T. E. Sanders
1949 (2)105 to 117R. Postill
1949 (1)92 to 104T. W. Melluish
R. Postill
1948 (2)79 to 91E. S. Ainley
1948 (1)66 to 78S. B. Green
H. C. Hills
T. W. Melluish
Rev E. B. Peel
1947 (2)53 to 65D. P. M. Michael
R. Postill
1947 (1)40 to 52S. B. Green
1946 (2)27 to 39R. Postill
1945 (2)14 to 26S. B. Green
1945 (1)1 to 13C. Allen Baker
K. Bird
J. M. Doulton
S. B. Green
A. P. O’Leary


The Azed Cup

Dr S. J. Shaw wins First Prize in competition 2603.

TERAS def. PRATT (Wrong Number)

After dismissing jolly, Starmer’s ordered to reveal what could lie behind dreadful Labour experience

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Latest  AZED  No. 2,716  7th Jul

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Dr Watson reviews Azed 2603

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Old verse composed with —— may be seen as Palgrave is opened (8)

Third prize winner by D. F. Manley in competition 1052