Azed Cup Winning Clues written by P. F. Henderson
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No.Clue wordClueExplanation
1940SCANT def. SNEAP (Wrong Number)Reduce boob in first stages of cosmetic surgery (nip and tuck)anag. of first letters; nip
1500GIT (on board ship) (Ship of Fools)Reason running short aboard hoy!SLOGITOP; logi(c) in stop!
1180COLD TURKEYGospel shows Lord in simple bed – the original crib?Ld in cot + Ur key
1165YAPSTERVariety of English pastry? Dane would probably look down on it!anag. incl. E, i.e. Great Dane
1152PARACETAMOLExcellent thing for a head, taken in by mouthace tam in parol, & lit.
1091SAPSAGO (Spoonerisms)Puff on stale fags a good dealstuff on pale; saps a go
991BRASH (or BRUSH)This word’s not right for ‘shy’!b(r)ash & lit. bash = shy = attempt.
835PROSAICALSuch works are nothing special (never entertaining English)anag. inc. O less E, E & lit.