Azed Cup Winning Clues written by B. Greer
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No.Clue wordClueExplanation
982ALMANACList of year’s events must include Azed’s first thousand and a clan regatheringanag. incl. A, M; ref. forthcoming AZ 1000 celebration
887MONSTERSome in Commons term Mrs. T. one, abusivelyhidden, anag. & lit.
300SLINK-BUTCHERHe offers terrible chunks without hesitation in a shamblesanag. less er & lit.
208RALPHWhat makes ‘poetic river’ appear as ‘poetic rover’?R. Alph (Coleridge), Ralph the Rover (Southey) & lit.
165Lance, pompano, bonito, porbeagle, thornback, menhaden, albacore, huso (Anagram)People can catch ‘em, hook ‘em, one and all, using a net, bob, barb, or harpoon 
146CHARADESThey may be made up by dear Azed each Xmas (deduction of first and second parts required)ar, ed, ch, as anag. & lit.