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Dr I. S. Fletcher2131621176195250Feb 1983Dec 2020
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2530STUDENTYThis life requires working yet it’s led with funcomp. anag. & lit.
2399CHARMEUSEWanting soft weave purchase me, perhapsanag. less p, & lit.
2325MASONMurray’s first since old number one Perry associated with courtM + as + o + n; ref. Fred P., Perry Mason
2135LOBYou might see this used in mixed doublescomp. anag. & lit.
2118BLOKEISHLike mixing with the boys, rugged yet outgoinganag. less anag., & lit.
1971WATERMANSHIPCraft apt when aim’s Head of the Riveranag. incl. R, & lit.
1858HUMONGOUSWhacking no good for Greyfriars’ most seen character in comic?humorous with ng for r; ref. Billy Bunter in ‘The Magnet’
1849AUXESISA change from six EU’s shown?a + anag., & lit.; ref. enlargement of EU/EEC from original number
1792APPALOOSA / ESTAMINET (Right and Left)Alarm raised when those packing food spotted grey mould in meat set for caféappal + as (f)oo(d) (rev.); anag.
1641GADGETEERI, with love for a bit of gismology, could be eccentric to a degreeanag. with g for O, & lit.
1602FENESTRAHole in one’s after playing shot of roundanag. less O
1247PREDICANTSee me spouting from Corner?predica(me)nt & lit.; ref. Speakers’ Corner
1186GRISELDAJob as woman? Work lies in form of draganag. in anag.
868ROLAND (2 clues + def. of contents) (Parcels)Letters? Arranging all I’d end as champion for a Scrabble gamelandladies, faro; anag.; anag.
675CONSTERNATECannot steer when sick render lowanag.
564PARAMENTForerunner of paper, one for the church, perhapsa for ch in parchment, & lit.