Azed Cup Winning Clues written by R. J. Hooper
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R. J. Hooper1921927146114
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2058ROBUSTTough as old boots from crate in cobblersbus in rot
1958HANGDOGIt’s looking like a wet weekend with chill to followhang + dog
1752MIDWINTERTime around which man taking sack maybe appears after dark’s returneddim, rev., + t in winer, & lit.
1700FIVE-O’CLOCK SHADOW‘In Foreign Office I’ve hit trouble,’ the PM bristlesI’ve in FO + clock shadow
1544PATROL (with jumble of RAPTORES) (Christmas Devilry)Castro perhaps in troop making entrance after complete internal revolutionportal with inside letters reversed
1385PANTRIESWhat maids must step into daily when apprehending dinner’s close?r in panties, & lit.
1363MAVIN def. THONG (Wrong Number)Bird having to strip is in the buffmav(is) + in; strip
1290NITERIEDive made from upturned puntsi.e. Eire tin (rev.)
1113EMPLASTRUMMutton and rump with salt in caper and mustard dressing, perhapsem + anag.; ref. mustard plaster
1048GALLOPADEIn which horse takes step to its side instead of the usual way.pad + (hors)e for way in Galloway, & lit.
956SPEAR-SIDEDies out after a person’s popped off without male issueanag. less son + anag., & lit.
947SHOULDER-SLIPIll-doers push crack? No crack here – just a joint given a pullanag. ref. drugs
920CHRIST-CROSS-ROWLord King detains staff with pained expression: “I’ll have BA back in front, well ahead of KLM”Cross in Christ R, ow, ref. British Airways chairman
688CUCURBITALWhat makes ‘gourdy’ when defined by coot et al?curb (disease of horses) in cuit + al, & lit.
662BARGE-COUPLESawyer’s contribution to topping story shows the lighter Twainbarge couple, ref. Mark T.
653INTERNUNCIOOne not effective in bending certain unionanag. less a, & lit., ref. current (Nov. 1984) miners’ strike
255ROYAL SILVER JUBILEEYear J. Bull loves E.R. II afreshanag. & lit.
216SCANTITYYou’re sure to get it in a second lean yearit in s cant y & lit.
203BOGYDogberry’s role: —— errors led astray?comp. anag. & lit.; ref. constable in ‘Much Ado…’