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C. O. Butcher11413992108136Jul 1956Aug 1977
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
281DINOCERASA monster long ago dead I once stuck out on the headd. + anag. + ras
276AMTRACKTwo items of transport in one with waterproof protectiontr in a + mack, & lit.
229METRICATETo me losing inches is far from simple: we must, if we mustme + (in)tricate
190CASSANDRAOne having prior dope and held in little creditass and in cr. + a, & lit.
135GABIONADEI form bulges erected on a defence’s sidesI bag (rev.) on a d, e, & lit.
127FRITHSOKENIt must have reduced the risk of ending in prisonanag. + n, & lit.
66NONSENSEA bit of silliness – being in love is just thats ens in none
Ximenes competitions
1195VAULTING-HORSEEnd of Ximenes’s rule—having to readjust will be hard for an old stager to get overanag. incl. s
1006CHROME-PLATINGShiny skin—a sorry plight no cream is good foranag.
911DRAGONWith the scent I’ve got on many romantic blades have made passes at medrag on
651NIPCHEESELavish presentations are not my line—the likes of Felix and Mickey Mouse satisfy me!nip3 cheese; i.e. what F. & M.M. like
626WOMAN-TIREDYesterday was too mild to wear trousers, to-day seems too gusty for skirts: that’s Eve with clothes!woman + tired (= clothed); gusty = irritable, skirts = women
573SCAPEGALLOWSAmong lags here is one lag who ought to be strung up head firstcape + lag (rev.) in slows, & lit.
390HESITATE (Printer’s Devilry)Any M.P. has, we’re told, hopes for immortality after tribulations here—a c/ross in vocation?Eros’s