Azed Cup Winning Clues written by J. R. Tozer
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No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2250MILESTONE (with missing O) (Missing Letter)Azed’s celebrated reaching it with bean very much soundbeano; miles tone
2222OBJECT LESSONThe coalition’s been a good one for all parties except for the one in oppositionobjection with less for I
2049PARTY-POOPERPater’s poor potty training results in this tot’s wet blanketcomp. anag.
1771PARTERREDriving off in F1 race inept Ferrari stalls in the pitanag. less in FI, race vt; ref. Formula One
1694MISINTERPRETIn test primer discoloured gloss badlyanag.
1646BLACKVoid is at Bible’s beginningB + lack, & lit.
1615RUGATEDramaturge wanting a stiff drink, struggling with linesanag. less dram
1589JOKESMITHFront of kazi covered with rude items by nameless toilet humorist, long gonek + anag. in joh(n)
1489FRONT-BENCHERI’m highly political – that’s form for one involved in marchesbench for I in frontier
1441Word containing MM displaced by a bug (Millennium Bug)Puzzle consisted of one bug after anotherflummox/wasp; flu was pox
1342ALIENS / RAPINE (Right and Left)Spoiling drap, in Edinburgh house a piece of ice put in glass reveals Sassenachs to Scots?hidden, house verb; a + i in lens
1286CHALETWhat you might find in Lechtal overlooking lake?anag. less L, & lit.; ref. area of Tyrol
1264TREDRILLE / FERVOROUS (Right and Left)A good game when you’re three, wooden blocks bore energetic over-fours at playdrill in tree; anag.
1212HILDINGBottling out vintage Mouton-Rothschild in grand bottleshidden