Azed Cup Winning Clues written by T. J. Moorey
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No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2330BRAZEN / MOPISH (Right and Left)Unenthusiastic May’s foremost work is to secure hard Brexit’s introduction and take a process needing deep thought forwardM op is H; B r a Zen
2291AVESTA (Printer’s Devilry)Sadly for the party, nutty Brown lo/st, Ed half-baked 
2087ROCKETTerm for ‘soar’ etc, OK in saladanag. incl. r, & lit.
2031EMBROIDERYAida’s embellishment by Verdi more relaxing with volume turned downanag. less v; see aida; turn down = reject
2019OVERAWE / HENOTIC (Right and Left)Dismay with cuts across A&E tending to make one notice hospital needing repairw in over A E; anag. incl. H
1853ANTIQUITARIANFan of The Good Old Days on once, can put across Desert Songquit aria in an3 tin
1724MONEYBAGSI enjoy lots of mint sauce on my rump of lamb cooked with sageanag. incl. b; mint sauce = money
1698CROSSTIESon admitted, see Tories falsely express tears over itC + s in anag.; ref. David Blunkett
1689SYNODSetting date for ending in government, our PM’s overturned ministerial conventiond for t in Tony’s (rev.); ref. T. Blair’s announcement
1619GISMO (Printer’s Devilry)Devastating Kournikova bu/st regrettably getting floppy!name of serious computer virus; Anna K.
1194DONETLatin title one favoured after breaking Priscian’s head?Don (P)et, & lit.; see Priscianist
1061MAGICSkilful deception practised by Nixon – and Johnson?2 mngs.; ref. US Presidents, David N., TV magician, and ‘Magic’ J., basketball star
1013ALVEARYAustralian’s really fiery 5 for 50 – depression in the pavilionA + anag. with V for L; pavilion = outer ear
740ESCADRILLEFleet Street I’d call chaotic – slipping time and time againanag. less t, t; ref. printing of solution with puzzle, due to error ‘at the Observer end’
679ESTOVER (Printer’s Devilry)‘Dry’ minister organizing party left-win/ger…left wines to verger
607CARNEYJenkins, unfulfilled minister longing to make comebackcar(e) + yen (rev.); Jenkins (q.v.); ref. Roy J.
423ACCOUTRECarter coup tails off in disarray – prepare for war?Carte(r) cou(p) anag.; ref. Iran hostages fiasco