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T. J. Moorey2561728211215301May 1980Feb 2017
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2330BRAZEN / MOPISH (Right and Left)Unenthusiastic May’s foremost work is to secure hard Brexit’s introduction and take a process needing deep thought forwardM op is H; B r a Zen
2291AVESTA (Printer’s Devilry)Sadly for the party, nutty Brown lo/st, Ed half-baked 
2087ROCKETTerm for ‘soar’ etc, OK in saladanag. incl. r, & lit.
2031EMBROIDERYAida’s embellishment by Verdi more relaxing with volume turned downanag. less v; see aida; turn down = reject
2019OVERAWE / HENOTIC (Right and Left)Dismay with cuts across A&E tending to make one notice hospital needing repairw in over A E; anag. incl. H
1853ANTIQUITARIANFan of The Good Old Days on once, can put across Desert Songquit aria in an3 tin; ref. TV variety show
1724MONEYBAGSI enjoy lots of mint sauce on my rump of lamb cooked with sageanag. incl. b; mint sauce = money
1698CROSSTIESon admitted, see Tories falsely express tears over itC + s in anag.; ref. David Blunkett
1689SYNODSetting date for ending in government, our PM’s overturned ministerial conventiond for t in Tony’s (rev.); ref. T. Blair’s announcement
1619GISMO (Printer’s Devilry)Devastating Kournikova bu/st regrettably getting floppy!name of serious computer virus; Anna K.
1194DONETLatin title one favoured after breaking Priscian’s head?Don (P)et, & lit.; see Priscianist
1061MAGICSkilful deception practised by Nixon – and Johnson?2 mngs.; ref. US Presidents, David N., TV magician, and ‘Magic’ J., basketball star
1013ALVEARYAustralian’s really fiery 5 for 50 – depression in the pavilionA + anag. with V for L; pavilion = outer ear
740ESCADRILLEFleet Street I’d call chaotic – slipping time and time againanag. less t, t; ref. printing of solution with puzzle, due to error ‘at the Observer end’
679ESTOVER (Printer’s Devilry)‘Dry’ minister organizing party left-win/ger 
607CARNEYJenkins, unfulfilled minister longing to make comebackcar(e) + yen (rev.); see Jenkins in C.; ref. Roy J.
423ACCOUTRECarter coup tails off in disarray – prepare for war?anag. of Carte(r) cou(p); ref. Iran hostages fiasco