Azed Cup Winning Clues written by F. R. Palmer
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F. R. Palmer181920152208
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
1424HEISTBriefly, it’s forbidden to the believer, one constrained by ancient commandment(’t)heist, i in hest, & lit., ref. 8th commandment
1128CHRISTMAS PRESENTSpectre, but not the last – miser hasn’t fully reformedanag. less e, & lit.; ref. A Christmas Carol
1074DEMIREPWith whom we see English MP’s involvement with dire resultsanag. incl. E, & lit.
1056ENTRAIN def. ASTHORE (Wrong Number)What troubles are not lessened by love in life?love; anag. less O + in
995STASIMA (Printer’s Devilry)Do Ayatollahs practise fir/m sin control of the faithful?…first as imams in…
635ROSEMARYAn ideal companion for lamb?rose Mary, & lit.; ref. nursery rhyme
397BIJOUTERIE (Misprints)Refuse tips unacceptable – rising indignation over energy waste products?paste: jib rev. + out + ire rev. + E
225VALETARevolutionary steps, as in Boston, against a drink tax, with no votev ale ta(x), ref Boston Tea-Party
110GALLOWS-RIPESuch as rope and gravity will settleanag. inc. g, & lit.