WordStats for R. Fishleigh
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NameNo of cluesFirst
R. Fishleigh2 0026


R. Fishleigh’s average clue lengths over 2 clues:

36 letters per clue (9 below the archive average of 45)

9.0 words per clue (0.6 below the archive average of 9.6)


Longest clue

Do the rounds in shop as porter a trolley’s essential

43 letters, 10 words, in competition 1544 PATROL (with jumble of RAPTORES) (Christmas Devilry)


Shortest clue

Block and tackle, just the job for me:

29 letters, 8 words, in competition 1500 GIT (on board ship) (Ship of Fools)


R. Fishleigh has contributed no unique words to the clue archive: