WordStats for S. D. James
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NameNo of cluesFirst
VHCsHCs Also listed as
S. D. James3 0035S. James


S. D. James’s average clue lengths over 3 clues:

39 letters per clue (6 below the archive average of 45)

9.0 words per clue (0.6 below the archive average of 9.6)


Longest clues

Cater for the locals having laid on a good spread

40 letters, 10 words, in competition 1753 DIAGONAL


Billion hoarded by gnome, say, rolling he’s loaded

40 letters, 8 words, in competition 1724 MONEYBAGS


Shortest clue

I fall into trap door via slips in performance

38 letters, 9 words, in competition 1818 POISSO(N) D’AVRIL (Letters Latent)


S. D. James has contributed 1 unique word to the clue archive: