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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
110 Aug 1949LEVIGATE normal16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMaj P. S. BainesSmooth passage after a vile stormanag. of vile + gate
SecondD. P. M. MichaelEven an American general carries a six-shooter!even, vb.; VI gat, in (Robert E.) Lee
ThirdJ. H. JonesShiny? Powder well or get a veil to hide itanag. of get a veil; 2 mngs., adj. & vb.
HCG. BownessSheeny, with or without the entrance, (to 149, Chatham Street?)2 mngs.; Sheeny (offensive) = Jew = Levi; levigate = e.g. sheeny adj; ref. song, ‘Solomon Levi’
HCD. H. ClaytonIt’s not rough—we should see the French port just after sixle (Fr.) VI gate
HCJ. A. FloodPolish Ambassador who possesses letters of introduction to Austrian CapitalVi(enna) in legate
HCA. B. GardnerGrind exceeding small, and clearly give returns, though slow about itgive (rev.) in late; “Mills of God …”, proverb; Longfellow
HCD. L. GregorySolomon added a final passage to complete a polished performanceLevi, gate: ref. Solomon Levi
HCS. HaycraftSix-shooter (common U.S.A. model) found in shelter—no fingerprints, of course!VI gat in lee; cryptic ref.
HCL. W. JenkinsonTribal chief leads ancient goat to be polished offTribe of Levi, goat3
HCT. W. MelluishPolish ambassador’s trapped opening letters from VilnaVi in legate; ref. Vilna ghetto library
HCR. O’DonoghueReturn among the dead and turn to dusti.e give back in late
HCR. PostillGad, your fellow’s got a wicket whilst the shine’s on!Levi, gate; God; wicket gate
HCA. E. SmithPolish Jew leads disturbed days in GermanyLevi + anag. of Tage (Ger.)
HCF. R. StandfastA son of Jacob comes to the door to tell us what sort of man his father wasLevi, gate; Genesis 27.11, “Jacob … smooth skin”
HCL. C. WrightFine ground, but the wicket takes a vile spinanag. of vile + gate

Runners-Up in competition 110:

E. S. AinleyMaj A. H. GilesE. R. PrenticeMrs A. L. Stevenson
D. AmblerD. HawsonH. RaingerR. G. Tate
C. Allen BakerG. G. LawranceD. G. RandallL. E. Thomas
E. F. ClaytonMrs E. A. MallettA. RobinsD. L. Tuckett
J. L. CrosbyE. L. MellershMrs E. ShackletonMiss C. Wallis
J. H. DingwallD. G. C. MockridgeJ. A. Stafford 
T. C. FitzpatrickA. C. NorfolkE. B. Stevens