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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
65 Dec 1947PIVOT normal16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstF. C. MacIntoshSet-back to eminent personage, usually right in the front rankto VIP (rev.); ref. military drill
SecondC. B. JoynerA potted Sherlock Holmes story might give you a turnIV in pot; ref. ‘The Sign of Four’
ThirdH. J. ConnellIt can be turned on for making tea about fourIV in pot
HCSir B. H. BourdillonIt all turns on this—the Foreign Ministers’ Conference being preservedIV in pot; potted = preserved; ref. ‘big four’ post-war conference of foreign ministers
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonDepend upon it, a cup of tea about four is not enoughIV in pot
HCH. L. FordMolotov, I presume, will give you an indirect answer, but can one really depend upon it?hidden rev.; ref. V. M. Molotov, Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs
HCM. E. FrancisTurning point in a spiv’s career—when he loses his money and turns to?(s)piv + to (rev.); s = shilling
HCP. G. W. GlarePiano quartet—sounds like Bax, too—the middle of the movementp IV + to (rev.); i.e. ‘backs to’; Arnold B.
HCS. B. GreenPinafore potted—O.K. for sound!i.e. pin, ‘a four’; IV in pot
HCC. KoopYou turn a revolver on me, and, depend on it—you’ll swing!cryptic def.
HCR. C. MacfarlaneOut of the twenty-two over seven voted for the Axisi.e. hidden in pi voted; pi approx. 22 / 7
HCR. C. ReevesThe officer i/c wheels? See the Transport Officer—a very important person—if he’s backTO VIP (rev.)
HCT. E. SandersI always keep still at the point of a revolver, because I’m one against getting shot aboutI v. in pot
HCS. P. ShanahanTo preserve the Big Four—everything turns on thisIV in pot; potted = preserved; ref. ‘big four’ post-war conference of foreign ministers
HCO. Carlton SmithThe turning point for the whole race is seen in page four of the Old Testament (Gen. 5. 2)p IV OT; i.e., ball race; ref. creation story
HCMiss A. C. TathamGet what you want for tea round about four—that’s the important pointIV in pot

Runners-Up in competition 65:

Miss BlameyJ. M. DoultonA. McIntyreJ. F. Smith
G. M. ButlerL. E. EyresD. A. NichollsD. L. Tuckett
Mrs CaithnessT. C. FitzpatrickRev E. B. PeelMiss E. Unger
Inst Capt J. CampA. R. FraserW. O. RobertsonJ. B. Widdowson
W. A. CarsonJ. T. A. Howard-DrakeI. W. SeatonW. J. Wright
Rev B. ChapmanP. IrvingMrs Shackleton