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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
123 Feb 1950LEECHES normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. E. SandersOne Minister of Health in an Attlee-Churchill coalition would not be enough!sing. hidden in Attlee-Churchill; M. of H. = doctor; ref. impending Gen. Election, Feb 1950
SecondG. G. LawranceIf Attlee and Churchill formed a coalition, these doctors would have only a single form to fill insing. hidden in Attlee-Churchill; ref. impending Gen. Election, Feb 1950; i.e. singular form
ThirdC. A. BakerHe’s after the floating half of the electors to canvass both left- and right-wing borderersanag. of elec(tors) + he’s; leech2 = sail edge; ref. impending Gen. Election, Feb 1950
HCCanon G. D. ArcherThose who stick to their old paying patients?cryptic def.; ref. National Health Service
HCA. E. ClaytonLetting agents in the days of the Regency blood—usually glutted with applications!cryptic def.; blood-letting, popular in 18c.
HCF. L. ConstableThey’re after your blood with a general reorganisation of Sch. ‘E.’!Lee + anag.; ref. Robert E. Lee, income tax schedule
HCMiss R. Le S. FilleulThe M.O.s are led by a General R.E., but they may be attached to any corpsi.e. starts with (Robert E.) Lee, 2 defs.; corps = body
HCA. B. GardnerBlast-proof shelter? You’ll need it! The Boches have lost their heads and they’re out for bloodlee + (Bo)ches
HCC. E. GatesScheele was a great chemist, but he has been sadly misrepresented in medical circlesanag.; ref. Carl Wilhelm S., 18c. chemist
HCJ. G. HullFeel about nearly all in and nearly all aches? Try these pills(f)eel (rev.) + (a)ches; pills = doctors
HCT. A. MartinWrite in letters of blood!cryptic def.; blood-letting
HCI. M. NewallYou’ll find it hard to shake off some of these broken-down heels who hang around the neighbourhood of Fleet St.EC in anag.; London postal district
HCRev E. B. PeelPunch man! More than one! They’ll draw blood!2 mngs.; ref. John Leech, Victorian cartoonist
HCH. B. RidleyChancellors of the Exchequer? No—Ministers of Health, but vermin all the same!cryptic defs.; i.e. blood-suckers; M. of H. = doctor
HCO. Carlton SmithChelsea’s had a bad spell and lost form: what they want’s an infusion of new bloodanag. of Chelsee
HCP. H. TaylorAbsolute suckers—might even be certified M.D.2 mngs.; MD = mentally deficient
HCW. R. Watson-SmythAttlee back in front, Churchill short head behind, Davies last, 3rd. Result: “Vermin” or “Bevan boys”?(Att)lee + Ch(urchill) + (Davi)es; party leaders in 1950 Gen. Election; Nye Bevan, Min. of Health, cf. ‘Bevin boys’ (miners)

Runners-Up in competition 123:

E. P. BarrettA. DurrantC. KoopW. O. Robertson
Mrs F. BeggT. H. EastW. L. MironS. P. Shanahan
Rev L. BlackburnS. R. GibbsA. C. NorfolkS. Sweet
G. H. ClarkeJ. P. HancoxG. PerryJ. Thomas
M. B. CoyleF. H. W. HawesR. PostillM. A. Vernon
G. DavisMiss D. HillE. PriorA. G. H. Walde
G. E. DenyerA. B. HorneJ. D. RaceE. Ward
J. H. DingwallC. H. HudsonE. J. RackhamJ. F. N. Wedge
J. F. M. DowMrs L. JarmanH. RaingerW. J. Wright
Brig W. E. DuncanJ. H. JenningsJ. N. Rich