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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
145 Jul 1950STEWART normal14


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs L. JarmanI need checking about skirts, Mr. Gladstone admitted to the CanonSt. Ewart (i.e. W. E. Gladstone canonized); tartan skirts; ref. G.’s interest in ‘fallen women’
SecondC. C. M. GiffinMan of straw, and French in a wayanag. incl. et (Fr.); ref. Old Pretender, James F. E. Stuart
ThirdT. E. SandersOne of Parnell’s names for that blessed fellow GladstoneSt. Ewart (W. E. Gladstone); C. Stewart Parnell, Irish nationalist
HCJ. ColebyWild West pictures for the family at the Palace. Orange afterwardsanag. of West art; Stuarts followed by William of Orange
HCMiss L. M. CollinsOnce united North and South, and may be said to give a start to the union of East and Westanag. of start E W; ref. union under James I
HCA. B. GardnerRoyal family call for restoration without violence—and succeed!war in stet; ref. Charles II
HCR. G. GordonTo some the head of this House would be a Saint over the water, to others a waster to a Tanags. of St water and waster T; ref. Old Pretender, James F. E. Stuart, ‘King over the water’
HCMiss S. J. HornerLet’s canonise Gladstone: at least he knew some of the answersSt. Ewart (W. E. Gladstone); ref. S. Macpherson, 1940s host of ‘20 Questions’
HCL. W. JenkinsonWithout some special faculty the bookworm will never make a philosopheri.e. stew + art; stew (n., slang) = someone who studies hard; ref. Dugald S.
HCC. J. MorseFor packing in haste, war-time invention, a glorified Gladstone, perfect for the familyhidden, St. Ewart (W. E. Gladstone); G. bag; Stuart royal family
HCR. PostillShort article on Pond’s made Lady Arabella’s namestew2 + art. (abbrev.): ref. Lady Arabella S.; P.’s cold cream
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsIt’s simmer a’ right: order trews wi’ tartan tops for Macpherson!stew a’ rt., anag. of trews ta(rtan); ref. S. Macpherson, 1940s host of ‘20 Questions’
HCP. H. TaylorHouse that shows evidence of restoration outside, but a state of turmoil withinwar in stet; House of Stuart
HCL. E. ThomasScotch in stock. Drams made-up to order. Apply to address belowwets (rev.) + art (down clue); address = adroitness; stock = family

Runners-Up in competition 145:

G. W. BainM. G. EllisJ. MannA. R. Read
C. A. BakerMrs K. N. GrahamP. M. MichaelN. J. Reed
T. BilsboroughN. GrangeR. H. PedlowE. O. Seymour
M. L. BookerS. B. GreenE. G. PhillipsA. E. Smith
T. H. EastE. IrvingE. R. Prentice