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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
21 Mar 1946BODEGA normal16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstW. RennieGood pull-up for Carmencryptic def.; i.e. car men, roadside tavern
SecondC. R. MalcolmOld Obadiah gets the Hispano saloon into reverseaged Ob (rev.); make of car
ThirdT. E. SandersWhen the temperature’s zero in Buenos Aires it’s a draughty place0 deg in BA; draught = drink
HCR. R. BroomeHere you may find Bacchus and be a godanag.
HCMrs M. B. CaithnessThe seaman feeling an inward chill turns back into the pub0 deg in AB (rev.)
HCMrs L. JarmanShall we close up the port end of the wine-shop? Let’s put it to the General Assemblybode GA
HCR. C. MacfarlaneConfused swine hop it from abode Gadarenehidden; i.e. wine-shop
HCMrs MagruderBegad! Nothing’s to be found here, as the customer said, surveying his wine-merchant’s blitzed premisesanag. incl. 0
HCD. S. MilfordWhen it’s vintry, aged bodies are out of sorts (dies non!)anag. less dies; pun on ‘wintry’
HCF. E. NewloveHalf the bodies that start a wine-shop finish penniless, egad!bod(ies) ega(d)
HCF. H. OliverWhere’s George? Gone to the bad! You’ll find him in the wine-shop, very sozzled!anag. of Geo. bad
HCW. O. RobertsonAn old Old Boy comes back, but the Tuck Shop is not the sameaged OB (rev.)
HCC. Hammond SmithIt sounds like an attempt to frighten a French painter out of a pub‘bo! Degas’
HCJ. C. W. SpringbettA vintry perhaps that sounds as though the bounce has been taken out of Franco’s bodyguardi.e. ‘bodygua’(R/D); bounce = dud cheque
HCR. W. E. StickingsWhere would you find the old, old Blue on Boat Race Night? Back in the wine-shop, of courseaged OB (rev.)
HCLt Col N. H. L. WattsMr. Agate’s reminiscences get badly mixed in the wine-shopanag. of Ego bad; ref. J. E. Agate’s “Ego”

No Runners-Up in competition 21