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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
37 Nov 1946MISLABEL normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs W. J. CouperDer tag—Sunday, Nov. 11, 1946tag = label / day (Ger.); date of puzzle Sun 10 Nov 1946
SecondMrs A. L. StevensonPut on the wrong tab and you may get slim and able to be seen in itanag.; tab = flap joining sides of coat
ThirdRev C. TrevorWere the chemist to treat his bottles so, there would be confusion for miles around his workshoplab in anag.
HCC. Allen Baker“Lamb’s ‘Eli’ Miscellany.” To call the essays so would be to do thisanag.; ref. Charles L., ‘Elia’
HCK. BowerMark wrong? Same with Bill, confound it!anag.
HCF. A. ClarkLamb’s lie has toned down to diffuse terminological inexactitudeanag.; ref. Churchill speech 1906
HCW. E. GreenYou may give a false address, but you’ll get the same billanag.
HCV. H. M. GunyonBasil seems to have got potted again—in the honey this time. Don’t do this to the pot!anag. of basil in mel (L.); ref. Keats’ ‘Isabella’ buried her lover’s head in a pot of basil
HCC. H. HudsonPut mud in Monsieur’s honey and describe it as pure!slab (= mud) in miel (Fr.), & lit.
HCMrs M. KidnerDescribe inaccurately the distance the crooked man travelled to get round the mudslab (= mud) in anag. of mile; ‘crooked mile’
HCC. KoopPut a wrong construction on and you may find ulterior aims’ll be used in evidenceanag.
HCR. H. LemonDisguise Bill as me, and give him a false nameanag.
HCJ. I. LoganI’d go for miles to a bal masqué to give a false impressionanag. of miles, bal
HCD. S. MilfordCareless manuscript liable to direct coals to Newcastleanag. incl. MS
HCW. B. O’HanlonNo wonder the mails went astray, only half way to Belsen!anag. + Bel(sen), & lit.
HCH. T. R. TwyfordEven if you this your luggage, you can still make the L.M.S. liable (London excepted, of course)anag. less L; London, Midland and Scottish railway
HCW. WattsIn Keats’ poem is La Belle Dame put in the wrong category?hidden; ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’
HCW. H. J. WheelerI’m back with Bella’s mixture; you have put the wrong directions onI’m (rev.) + anag.; ref. Bell’s cough mixture

No Runners-Up in competition 37