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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
38 Nov 1946WIND-HOVER normal19


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstS. B. GreenHang around by the wings after your turn, and you’ll certainly get the bird!wind + hover
SecondR. PostillHawker isn’t likely to use it; try to persuade De Havillandi.e. win DH over; aircraft manufacturers
ThirdRev E. B. PeelFlatulence stop padre doubled up stop altogether dickywind + ho! + Rev (rev.); dicky bird; telegraphese
HCS. BellRider of the storm, a little haggardwind hover; haggard = hawk; ref. H. Rider Haggard, author
HCB. Donne-SmithCrank up the incubator—and get the birdwind hover (= incubator)
HCMiss J. FraserThis bird’s down might be ruffled with a winter in Franceanag. of down, hiver (Fr.)
HCMaj A. H. GilesStoops to gain a living, having to take a turn with nothing less than a sweeperwind + Ho(o)ver
HCC. H. HudsonCome in first by a short head, backwards, and change your bowler for one covered with featherswin + hd. (rev.) + over (cricket)
HCR. B. S. InstoneDrove amongst the whin and got a birdieanag. of drove, whin
HCP. IrvingHydrogen in the turn-over? No wonder it soars!H in wind over
HCC. B. JoynerDrove into a whin, sliced and yet got a birdieanag. of drove, whin
HCR. LumleyA De Havilland in a win over a Kestrel?DH in win over; types of aircraft
HCT. W. MelluishBird who goes round India and back upside-downInd in who + rev. (rev.)
HCA. P. O’LearyOrchestral rhythm questionable; it’s the wind however when we go that really gets the birdi.e. ‘or kestrel’, wind ho(we)ver
HCJ. F. Smith22 ac. whose first part may be orchestral; altogether it sounds as if there’s no alternativei.e. ‘(or)kestrel’; wind instruments [ref. to 22 ac. unknown]
HCR. E. StephensFlier calling De Havilland’s.—Backing you to win.—Overwin + DH + over; aircraft manufacturer
HCW. J. WalkerIt quarters the whin with its Dover or aerial patrolanag. of whin, Dover; quarter = beat for game
HCW. WattsConvert De Havilland, making tailless Hawker Hurricane hang aboutDH in win(d) over; types of aircraft
HCJ. T. YoungDrove into a whin and disturbed a hawkanag. of drove, whin

No Runners-Up in competition 38