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About this clue type

From the preamble to Azed No. 2053

Each clue contains a one-word definition of the word required at the number where it stands but belongs as a whole to a word of the same length elsewhere. Method recommended is to find, after solving a clue, a definition of the solution in one of the other clues to words of its length: this will show where the word is to go.

Competitors should submit with their solutions a clue following these rules to replace the definition asterisked. NB The clue thus submitted will of course belong as a whole to a word appearing elsewhere in the finished diagram, which must be determined.

 DateClue wordCluesWinner
2603May 2022TERAS def. PRATT22Dr S. J. Shaw
2382Feb 2018STRIPE def. HARLOT20J. C. Leyland
2305Aug 2016AGREE def. PATCH23W. Drever
2053Oct 2011PERISHER def. ESTIMATE23Dr J. Burscough
1940Aug 2009SCANT def. SNEAP21P. F. Henderson
1827Jun 2007AMAKOSI def. DENUDED22A. J. Wardrop
1728Jul 2005EIDOLA def. NULLAH21T. Anderson
1580Sep 2002MARGENT def. BEETLES24J. P. Guiver
1363Jul 1998MAVIN def. THONG20R. J. Hooper
1056Aug 1992ENTRAIN def. ASTHORE22F. R. Palmer
965Nov 1990EARBASH def. NECKLET20N. C. Dexter
692Aug 1985FIDIBUS def. PRICKET21Dr E. J. Miller
581Jun 1983SPADROON def. MAVERICK21Dr E. J. Miller
358Feb 1979UPSTART def. NON-TERM26N. C. Dexter