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About this clue type

From the preamble to Azed No. 2040

Each clue, except 5, is a passage from which the printer has removed a hidden answer, closing the gap and sometimes taking liberties with the punctuation, but not disturbing the order of the remaining letters. Example: Vaulting above tunnel entrance appears inane, scary. Answer: PESTO. Undevilled version: Vaulting above tunnel entrance appears in an escape story. Every passage, when complete, makes sense.

Competitors should submit with their solutions a ‘PD’ clue to replace the definition at 5. NB Preference is given to PD clues in which breaks before and after the word omitted (before and after omission) do not occur at the ends or beginnings of words in the clue. Please give the full undevilled version of your clue as well as the clue itself.

 DateClue wordCluesWinner
2539Feb 2021TORSE23P. Jenkinson
2443Apr 2019ERATHEM23E. C. Lance
2343May 2017RESTORE23J. C. Leyland
2291May 2016AVESTA22T. J. Moorey
2174Feb 2014CHARET25K. Milan
2040Jul 2011EASTER25M. Barley
1888Aug 2008RASTER22G. T. McLean
1856Xmas 2007LITAS25H. Freeman
1766Apr 2006GEST28N. C. Dexter
1685Sep 2004MINO24D. J. Short
1619Jun 2003GISMO24T. J. Moorey
1472Aug 2000TORAN26P. L. Stone
1415Jul 1999MANATI24R. J. Whale
1351Apr 1998NEATEN23H. Freeman
1238Feb 1996ELASTIN27C. J. Morse
1143Apr 1994DEATH28B. Burton
1043May 1992PESTO25C. G. Millin
995Jun 1991STASIMA26F. R. Palmer
908Oct 1989INDIGO27V. G. Henderson
792Jul 1987DISTHENE30E. J. Burge
679May 1985ESTOVER30T. J. Moorey
622Apr 1984SIMP27S. Goldie
568Mar 1983TETHER29J. P. Lester
506Xmas 1981ELANET30E. R. Riddle
439Sep 1980LINGA36E. H. Furnival
263Apr 1977ERIACH32B. A. Pike
197Xmas 1975CAMERA32J. B. Sweeting
130Sep 1974EADISH27L. J. Wayman
57Apr 1973MINARET26Mrs N. J. Jarman