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About this clue type

From the preamble to Azed No. 70

Half the across and eight of the down clues contain a misprint of one letter only in each, occurring always in the definition part of the clue: their answers are to appear in the diagram correctly spelt. The remaining full clues are correctly spelt: all their answers are to appear in the diagram with a misprint of one letter only in each. No unchecked letter in the diagram is to be misprinted: each letter appearing where two words cross is to appear as required by the correct form of at least one of the words to which it belongs. All indications such as anagrams, etc., lead to the correct forms of words, not to misprinted forms

Competitors should submit a misprinted clue to replace the asterisked definition at 1 Down, the solution to which appears correctly spelt in the completed diagram.


In Azed Nos. 1779, 1953 and 2508 all clues contain a misprint and the correct letters spell out a quotation, and in 1779 and 1953 the competition clue requires a specific letter to be misprinted. In 1779 and 2508 the misprint must occur in the definition. In 1953 the misprint can occur anywhere in the clue. The clue should make sense before and after correction of the misprint.

In early Ximenes Misprints competitions, some of the clues are simply misprinted definitions.

 DateClue wordCluesWinner
2508Jul 2020CHARACTER24T. J. Moorey
1953Nov 2009TRAUMA (misprint of T)23M. A. Macdonald-Cooper
1779Jul 2006NEWIE (misprint of U)21E. Cross
1380Nov 1998RAPPORT24C. J. Brougham
1008Sep 1991SPORTSCASTER22E. J. Burge
844Jul 1988THEOLOGASTER25J. B. Sweeting
757Nov 1986ETHEROMANIAC28C. G. Millin
556Dec 1982SWEAL26B. C. James
397Nov 1979BIJOUTERIE27F. R. Palmer
285Sep 1977BOYFRIEND28C. Loving
118Jun 1974OPERETTIST23N. Gambier
70Jul 1973GESTAPO25H. W. Massingham