Azed Right and Left Competitions

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About this clue type

From the preamble to Azed No. 2019

Apart from 1 Across, which is normal, each clue is really two clues, side by side but not overlapping, the answers to which are to be entered in the two similarly numbered spaces in the diagram, either side of the central vertical line. Either answer may be clued first, and the division is not necessarily marked by punctuation. Solvers must determine which goes where.

Competitors should also submit with their solutions a double clue to replace the asterisked definitions at 2 (which are presented in alphabetical order or their solutions).

 DateClue wordCluesWinner
2417Oct 2018ALTARAGE / PROPOSAL22Dr S. J. Shaw
2330Feb 2017BRAZEN / MOPISH21T. J. Moorey
2257Sep 2015BUST-UP / PIT-PAT20R. J. Heald
2131Apr 2013DIVES / MALIK21N. Warne
2019Feb 2011OVERAWE / HENOTIC24T. J. Moorey
1875May 2008GOUTTE / UPREAR23T. C. Borland
1792Oct 2006APPALOOSA / ESTAMINET24Dr I. S. Fletcher
1715Apr 2005RELEASE / RASPING21R. R. Greenfield
1633Sep 2003EMPATRON / WINTERLY23M. Barley
1485Nov 2000BOURSE / TIFOSO22D. F. Manley
1342Feb 1998ALIENS / RAPINE22J. R. Tozer
1264Aug 1996TREDRILLE / FERVOROUS20J. R. Tozer
1169Oct 1994BLITHE / URSINE22D. R. Robinson
1017Nov 1991SCHAPSKA / PEARMAIN23Dr E. Young
939May 1990A-PER-SE / ESCROC23D. H. Tompsett
857Oct 1988REDCAP / NICETY22C. J. Morse
447Nov 1980URTICARIA / APOGRAPHS25G. Johnstone
336Sep 1978ELF-ARROW / CUTHBERT22D. F. Manley
152Feb 1975ENAMORADO / ESCLANDRE24R. J. Palmer
84Oct 1973MIRLIGOES / ILL-OMENED21K. W. Johnson