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About this clue type

From the preamble to Azed No. 2006

Half the across and half the down clues lead in their definitions to Spoonerisms of the correct answers to be entered. Subsidiary indications in these clues lead to the correct answers themselves.

In the remaining clues (except 4) the definitions have been distorted by one Spoonerism per clue. Subsidiary indications in these clues likewise lead to the correct answers.

Competitors should submit with their solutions a clue of the latter type to replace the asterisked definition at 4.

NB Spoonerisms may be either consonantal (e.g. WHITEBAIT/BITE WAIT (or WEIGHT)) or vocalic (e.g. BUNTING/BIN TONGUE), and may be accompanied by changes of punctuation.

 DateClue wordCluesWinner
2551May 2021SPAVIN25W. Drever
2469Oct 2019GUDDLE22R. J. Heald
2403Jul 2018SWALE20W. Drever
2239May 2015ERADIATE22R. C. Teuton
2144Jul 2013INFERNO20M. A. Macdonald-Cooper
2006Nov 2010GROAN21J. Grimes
1927May 2009TONSURE22J. C. Leyland
1862Feb 2008UNALIKE23J. R. H. Jones
1804Xmas 2006CLOTHES SENSE26R. S. Morse
1672Jun 2004IMPASTOS23C. J. Brougham
1528Sep 2001STROP24R. J. Heald
1459May 2000GREATEST22G. Perry
1307Jun 1997AGILE22R. K. Lumsdon
1091Apr 1993SAPSAGO19P. F. Henderson
952Aug 1990STAR22R. S. Morse
831Apr 1988COOLABAH25T. W. Mortimer
404Xmas 1979CANDLE-HOLDER29J. P. H. Hirst
314Apr 1978MERIL25R. A. Mostyn