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About this clue type

From the preamble to Azed No. 1810

This being the time of year when new year resolutions can start to crumble, Azed has decided to share his own list with solvers and invite them to make their own contributions to it. With the exception of 16, 17, 19 Across each clue represents a resolution consisting of both a definition (one or more words) and a mixture of the letters (beginning at the beginning or ending at the end of a word in the clue) of the three answers as indicated (in the correct order). Both indications of the first answer precede both indications of the second, etc. In each case either the definition or the letter-mixture may come first.

Competitors should submit with their entries a new year resolution of their own in the same style to replace the asterisked definitions at 16, 17, 19 Across.


In Azed 1084 the clue comprises an amatory couplet containing two definitions and letter mixtures.

Ximenes held several DLM competitions for one or two words concealed in passages of various styles, such as classified ads and lines of poetry.

 DateClue wordCluesWinner
1066Jun 1969RAVE / PAIR20D. H. Tompsett
676Xmas 1961TRELLIS19D. Hawson
624Xmas 1960PSYCHIATER24J. S. Young
519Xmas 1958RIDICULE23F. Aylmer
184Jan 1952MEREST / WYOMING28K. Reed
112Sep 1949SHEET23R. Postill
67Jan 1948SURFEIT23E. J. Collman
35Oct 1946RIFE26K. J. Harding
9Oct 1945DELETE1A. P. O’Leary