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1.  J. S. Young: Try Space Highways Ltd.—expert in moon visitations (lunacy).

2.  J. W. Taylor: Get with it on a Hep-Cat syrinx—a “must” for crazy kids!

3.  Mrs L. Jarman: Crème de Pistache ryebased liqueur, for the man who cares for the nutty aroma.

H.C. (extra prizes)

C. Allen Baker: Buggo deals with bugs! Don’t just suffer the itch—spray with Buggo now!

Mrs A. L. Boorman: Hyper-stic, an absolute must if your trouble is a loose screw.

R. Brain: If your cat is hyper-sensitive he must have doctored neurosis. A-Tom powders restore confidence!

B. Burton: Head Inspector advises every teacher: “It pays to take a course of Usher-Pep.”

R. F. S. Chignell: A smash hit—Carey’s port; just what’s needed with those nuts and crackers.

P. G. W. Glare: Drones recommend Tuppy’s Theriac—just the one for Barmy! (P. G. Wodehouse, Drones Club: T. Glossop, B. Fotheringay-Phipps).

R. R. Greenfield: A Jugular Jalopy is the car I prescribe for you, if you’re crazy about vintage models.

Lt Cdr R. F. Hatton: Come to Penelope’s Charity Ball—always good for a crazy party.

H. J. Kilpatrick: Head curer recommends “Porkicillin,” the great physic for all bacon pigs.

Dr T. J. R. Maguire: Noo-Gloo mends chairs, typewriter ribbons or a crack on the head!

D. P. M. Michael: Every cyclist a trick cyclist. The Spiracycle is guaranteed unfalloffable!

C. J. Morse: Buy “Beachmaster” deck-type chairs, the 20th century type with couch extension.

Dr C. Nicholson: Tonight! At Boffin’s Circus. Cypria the world-renowned lady trick cyclist.

Mrs M. Robins (Southern Rhodesia): For smoothly set hair, “Pycno-Tress”—straightens out kinks.

E. L. Russell: Consult the “Saphety” Circus Suppliers—everything for everybody from the trapeze artiste to the trick cyclist.

B. W. Sayer: G.C.E. Head Examiner recommends “The Will Hay Script Evaluator.”

J. M. Sharman: The man with a couch should contact Nancy, the Paris Model Agency.

Mrs E. M. Simmonds: Dog-lovers! I treat offensive mites, bugs, etc. Stop itchy ears with Luggolene!

J. Thompson: Are you a cypher? “Stimulo” removes your inhibitions!

H. S. Tribe: Purchase “Y-Pit”—helps you get rid of those dark patches on the couch.

G. H. Wilde: With Psyche restorer new hair appears, itchy scalp, dandruff, vanish like magic!


Miss A. W. Baldy, P. Best, C. O. Butcher, P. R. Clemow, J. Coleby, P. M. Coombs, N. C. Dexter, G. H. Dickson, D. Fairburn, J. A. Fincken, A. G. Fleming, J. Flood, S. Goldie, S. B. Green, G. Kirsch, A. Lawrie, A. W. Maddocks, W. G. Mowforth, Mrs M. Robinson, H. Rotter, J. R. Scarr, J. Shaw, R. A. Sladden, J. A. L. Sturrock, M. A. Vernon, A. D. Walker


R. P. Abell, J. M. Anderson, D. Ashcroft, H. M. Barclay, S. Barnett, S. Beale, J. M. ff. Birmingham, R. N. Chignell, A. N. Clark, Miss J. O. Clayton, J. Cordery, R. M. S. Cork (Toronto), A. E. Crow, W. Darby, Mrs W. J. Dennison, W. J. Duffin, L. A. T. Duthie, T. H. East, J. Edwards, H. H. Elliott, Mrs N. Fisher, Rev D. Ford, J. H. Gawler, J. Goldman, S. Holgate, J. A. Hyde, B. J. Iliffe, F. G. Illingworth, L. W. Jenkinson, V. Jennings, A. H. Jones, E. L. Jones, J. Leece, G. A. Linsley, H. Lyon, Lt Col J. W. Madden, A. A. Malcolm, H. C. Marshall, R. A. Mostyn, F. E. Neale, T. N. Nesbitt, J. T. Pearce, R. V. Penycate, G. Perry, E. J. Rackham, G. H. Ravenor, K. Reed, A. E. Renwick, Rev E. G. Riley, A. Robins, W. K. M. Slimmings, Miss B. Smoker, L. T. Stokes, T. L. Strange, H. G. Tattersall, Mrs J. E. Townsend, J. Walton, G. R. Webb, J. F. N. Wedge, I. Young.

COMMENTS:—Hardly time for any! 477 entries, 445 correct: chief trouble was “wtinerate” for “wainerage.” I included many entries arriving by later Tuesday posts: the posts are still very bad—do post earlier! I preferred clues not too long, with no punctuation interrupting the definition, advertising imaginary, not genuine, goods—all preferences deducible from my own practice. I didn’t consider “doctor” alone an adequate definition, and I certainly didn’t consider getting the letter-mixture in twice a merit—don’t paint the lily! And do read the instructions—there were many ordinary (not “D.L.M.”) clues. But the entry was as a whole extremely good, as the long lists above testify. Many thanks for greetings and appreciative notes, and a happy New Year to all.

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