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1.  E. J. Burge (SE9): Panorama (Peter Pan).

2.  J. Coleby (Buckley): Panorama (Peter Pan).

3.  D. A. Nicholls (Chester): Panorama (Peter Pan).


Dr G. B. Arrowsmith (SE3): Brittish Command (Britt Ekland, wife of Peter Sellers).

N. S. Barrett (NW9): Wendy’s Whine (Peter Pan).

R. T. Baxter (Wallington): Wolf-whistle (Peter and the Wolf).

Mrs K. Bollag (Kuwait): Uncle’s Darlin’ (pet Erse eme).

J. Brock (Montacute): Britt’s Appeal (Britt Ekland, wife of Peter Sellers).

Mrs E. Cattley (Kingsbridge): Irish Poppet (uncle, pop-shop).

C. H. Devonald (Bracknell): Brazen Angel (St Peter).

G. H. Du Boulay (SWl): Heavenly Visa (St Peter).

Mrs D. Foley (Cork): Wendy’s Pride (Peter Pan).

Dr D. E. G. Irvine (N11): Britt’s Call (Britt Ekland, wife of Peter Sellers).

Mrs L. Jarman (Brough): Winesome Wendy (Peter Pan).

T. P. Kelly (W14): Paddy Pawnee (pet Erse eme; pet = huff, eme = uncle = pawnbroker).

A. D. Legge (Walsall): Héloise’s Tryst (Peter Abelard).

Flt Off L. W. G. Oxley (Reading): Mae West (“Come up and see me”, Peter W. [see comments]).

H. C. S. Perry (Eastbourne): Call of the West (peter2, bridge).

R. Postill (Jersey): Lonely Eloise (Peter Abelard).

C. Quin (SW10): Key-witness (St Peter).

M. J. G. Robiette (Cambridge): Vain Wendy (Peter Pan).

G. R. Snailham (Exeter): Simoniz (Simon Peter = St Peter).

T. A. Spencer (SW20): Mae West (“Come up and see me”, Peter W. [see comments]).

J. B. Sweeting (Shepperton): Simoniz (Simon Peter + ‘eyes’).

J. D. Walsh: Saint Lo (Peter see; ref. S. Ló, N. France).

J. Walton (Dunfermline): May la Maine (Peter May, la!, Me.).

J. B. Widdowson (Cheltenham): Sellers’ Market (Peter S., mark = see).


J. K. Anderton, M. J. Armstrong, Col P. S. Baines, E. Beddard, N. H. Brown, C. I. Bullock, F. A. Burnham, A. J. Cochran, Mrs C. Colam, J. H. Dingwall, T. Dwyer, A. Fairhead, J. Flood, B. Freedman, J. J. Hatt, Miss M. Henderson, B. M. Hodgkinson, C. H. Hudson, Mrs A. L. K. King, H. Lyon, G. T. McLean, V. R. S. Mott, Mrs K. M. Russell, D. J. Short, J. W. Taylor, Lady Thomas, Mrs M. P. Webber, J. F. N. Wedge, Dr A. Wild, Mrs F. A. Wills, Mrs M. Wishart


Dr P. Anderson, G. F. Bamford, J. W. Bates, K. Blewett, Miss M. I. Blunt, H. Bolton, V. A. R. Cooper, P. J. Dyer, T. H. East, H. E. Fawcett, Dr G. Ferris, J. B. Filburn, H. W. Flewett, Mrs E. Franklin, E. N. Furse, N. Grice, C. R. Haigh, Mrs L. F. Hallen, R. S. W. Hawtrey, E. M. Hornby, H. V. Hughes, Mrs M. I. M. Hunter, R. H. F. Isham, P. P. Kemp, G. D. King, P. W. W. Leach, N. A. Longmore, Mrs W. J. Mahood, S. M. Mansell, T. W. Melluish, P. H. Morgan, M. Newman, C. S. F. Oliver, J. D. P. O’Leary, Mrs N. Perry, G. H. Podmore, J. Riley, W. K. M. Slimmings, R. Stoddart, T. A. Stout, P. G. Taylor, P. Wallace, E. F. Watling, F. W. Wyeth.

COMMENTS:— Nearly 600 entries and very few mistakes in the solutions I needed to scrutinise. Comments varied, but a large majority liked it. I no doubt made it too easy for the tigers by adding that list: I added it because of an attack of cold feet that I often get with a novelty, fearing that it will prove too difficult. On the whole I don’t regret it now: at least it enabled a lot of new competitors to enter—many of them with success—and that’s a healthy thing. I think the tigers get their fair share of their favourite food. I expected a headache in choosing the prizewinners—many thanks to the kind lady who sent me some tablets with her entry. But I didn’t need them: directly I met Panorama I thought it ideal, and my only fear was that there would be too many of them. Three was just right from the awarder’s point of view. I had to decide clearly what I wanted: I can’t hope that everyone will agree, but I decided thus—The sire’s name already deals with the sherry aspect, so I looked in the dam’s name for a reference to the actual words “Peter, see me”.
There were naturally several ideas used far too often for all to score highly. Among these Wendy, Mae West and Tinkerbell were used most. The Wendy ones varied in appropriateness, and I have, I hope, rewarded them accordingly. Mac West stood mostly on her own, and in that unusual isolation she had no special appropriateness to Peter. Still, she was so appropriate to “see me” that I wanted to bring her into the V. H. C.s, and I did it by picking the two which referred in a note to Peter West. I know the other senders can logically argue that the clue is the same whatever note accompanies it. Nevertheless I feel justified in thinking that they hadn’t thought of Peter West. or that if they had they should have said so. I should have liked to have brought Tinkerbell in too but there was no way of discriminating and there were far too many of her: their senders are among the HCs, plain Mae Wests among the R-Us.
One general point:—I have had one or two more letters from people asking for the closing date to return to Saturday, because interest wanes with the long wait for the solution. I think the needs of the many solvers abroad far outweighs this consideration, and impatient solvers at home must think of them.

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