Clues by R. J. Heald in 2020-2021
Azed competitions from 2517 to 2564    All clues by R. J. Heald  |   2020-2021 Honours list
VHCsHCs Honours
R. J. Heald0201011
No.Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
2517LITERATIMVHCHigh rent once raised leads to irate missives to the letterlit + tare (rev.) + first letters
2521CHAMBERSSecondScrabble’s hard for learner? This is what’s required!clamber’s with H for L, & lit.
2530STUDENTYVHCUniversity degree course half missed amid scene of debauchery – typical of undergrads!U d ent(rée) in sty
2532POTLA(TSUGA)TCH (Presents Round the Tree)VHCRecall exuberant enjoyment receiving special gift (not half!) inside parceltal(ent) in gusto (all rev.) in patch
2534BOTTLE-WASHERVHCGalley slave who strikes receives lash to backwelt to (rev.) in basher
2539TORSE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCThe ‘demons’ tra/duced by Trump’s rhetoric reacted furiously in Washingtonref. US Capitol riot [see comments]
2543CABRETTAVHCPenthouse article about bosom passing as material suitable for chapsbre(as)t in cat a; pass = omit
2547FILATORYVHCYarn-spinner follows one boring story with another, ignoring call for hushI in flat + (st)ory; story2
2551SPAVIN (Spoonerisms)SecondWhat might Hubble track? Scattered outer parts from supernova, it having explodedtrouble hack; anag. less anag.; part vi; ref. space telescope
2556TOERAGVHCGuitars come alive with rendition of stirring music for ‘Apache’anag. less anag.; ref. 1960 Shadows No. 1 hit
2560BOMBASTVHCFlatulence comes from bottom after putting away too much fibreb(OTT)om + bast
2564CLEARINGVHCBreeze in some areas bearing rain, 50% overcast, turning brightrain with ra reversed in cleg; breeze3

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