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The Azed crossword is published weekly in The Observer newspaper, and is available free online from the Guardian’s crossword site.

The Crossword Centre, run by Derek Harrison is the most active site for information about tough cryptic crosswords. It includes information on the puzzles and their setters, and has a popular message board. For Crossword Centre members Derek publishes a monthly prize puzzle. There is also a monthly clue-writing competition judged by the members, which is hosted by & lit.

The Crossword Centre contains a section devoted to Azed.

Solvers who are new the this type of puzzle may also find it helpful to read Dr Watson's reviews of each Azed competition puzzle, published shortly after the competition closing date (normally around the middle of the month).

There are blog-style accounts of various solvers' experiences with Azed's weekly puzzles at fifteensquared, usually published shortly after the puzzle's closing date.

I'm happy to include further links to Azed-related sites on this page. Please . As this is a specialist site devoted to the Azed competition, I don't intend to publish general crossword-related links – please send these to at the Crossword Centre.

The Azed Cup

D. F. Manley wins First Prize in competition 2573.


Second to Chambers one must get Don’s fantastic Manual!

This year’s honours table

The next Azed competition puzzle will be on Sunday 7th November

 NEW   AZED  No. 2,576  24th Oct

All online Azed puzzles

Dr Watson reviews Azed 2573

From the archive

Marrow-bone: hard outside, it stores nutrition within (6)

Second prize winner by V. Seth in competition 1329