Clues by M. Barley in 2014-2015
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VHCsHCs Honours
M. Barley120911
No.Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
2200BRINDISIVHCToast caps off breakfast – ideally round is had after bit of baconrind is in b, i
2205CUMBERSOMEVHCSee Morse inventively secure title, an annual honour not easily managedU MBE in c + anag.; ref. AZ honours list
2209(O)CT(O)BER (Letters Latent)SecondIt’s when in the year leaves turn and drop(a)ct + be(a)r, & lit.; a = anno, drop = give birth to
2213SOLECISMFirstGrammatical error, this, or a lapse in social morescomp. anag.
2218FOREIGNERVHCWatch out! – erring shot slicing right finds one in unfamiliar territoryfore + anag. less r; ref. golf
2220A twelve-letter ‘Christmas cracker’ (Christmas Cracker)VHCGuiding light in sky leads to new King very long ago, accompanying trio of astronomers all the wayLODESTAR/STRAIGHT; LODEASTRIGHT; anag. + R; ast + right
2222OBJECT LESSONVHCDemonstration demands fewer cuts etc., and no job being ‘restructured’less in anag.
2230GATES OF DEATHSecondSee one finally departing face God at these, possiblyanag. less c, e, & lit.
2235CHOCK-A-BLOCKVHCUse this term for network in grip of vehicle jam?hoc k in cab + lock, & lit.
2239ERADIATE (Spoonerisms)VHCSeam as from bowler fires Root out short of centurybeam as from solar fires; eradi(c)ate; ref. Joe R., England cricketer
2244AVANT-GARDISTEVHCA very innovative artist, e.g. an originator of Dadaa v + anag. incl. D, & lit.
2248WAISTLINEVHCNot exactly lean, is it, when one’s put on weight?w + anag., & lit.

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