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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
117 Nov 1949LION normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstA. H. TaylorFor my part, one swallow is certainly not sufficient sign that summer is here2 mngs; Zodiac sign Leo Jul–Aug
SecondA. F. LerrigoOne of the signs of pride?2 mngs; Zodiac sign Leo, pride of lions
ThirdS. B. GreenPreference shareholder who attempts to intimidate auditors2 mngs; ‘lion’s share’, roar; auditors = listeners
HCF. AylmerThe state of Britain is represented by:— Nil returns
nil (rev.) divided by 0; ref. post war trade gap
HCMaj P. S. Baines74 shillings for an old Scotsman—51, 11 and 12 exactly!LI + O (11, medieval) + n. (noon)
HCMrs Caithness Brave? Why, he’s floored if turned on and goes flat out for home!lion with “on” turned = lino
HCC. H. DevonaldTerrorist in Africa! Red may delay British travellers!2 mngs.; Red Lion, popular name for inn
HCS. R. GibbsNot quite a full pack—one short: it’s the Heart King!LI + on(e); 52 cards in a pack; Richard the Lionheart
HCL. R. HuxtableAs a possible reason for an Albert Memorial in Blackpool, he is a roaring successref. Marriott Edgar, ‘The Lion and Albert’, created for Stanley Holloway
HCG. G. LawranceA word in Pygmalion which, among ladies, is a most dreadful thing!(Pygma)lion; ref. Bottom in M.N.D. III.1, “a lion among the ladies …”, and use of “bloody” in P.
HCT. A. MartinSome hero! He’s no pride when alone and a bundle of nerves when with the gang(gang)lion
HCW. G. MorrisA carpet-knight whose head may be turned. Twist his tail and you may have him flooredlion with “on” turned = lino; lion-skin rug; knight = brave man; heraldic lion regardant
HCF. E. NewloveI’m often asked out, but with a gang I’m just a bunch of nerves!(gang)lion
HCF. P. PickeringNot a drawing-room favourite when dandified, one gathers(dande)lion; lion-skin rug
HCR. PostillGenerally speaking, Aurora in the spring is the sign of a late summer!‘a roarer’!; Zodiac sign Leo, Jul–Aug
HCA. J. C. SaundersThe man’s a hero: give him a medal and make it a big one(medal)lion
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsTake Bob now: he’s attached to the Crown, yet as a Red he opposes itbob = shilling; Red Lion and Crown inns; lion(s) and crown appear on shilling coin
HCMiss D. W. TaylorIf you twist his tail he’ll floor youlion with “on” turned = lino
HCH. S. TribeHad a sweet issue—a big share—a pound and a half ration!L + (rat)ion; Judges 14:14, “Out of the strong [lion] came forth sweetness”; ‘lion’s share’
HCCapt C. TyersBeneath Nelson’s notice, but a V.I.P. all the samelions of Trafalgar Sq.
HCM. A. VernonHe fought a fellow-supporter: players feared he’d scare lady onlookersref. nursery rhyme ‘The L. and the Unicorn’; heraldic supporters; Bottom in M.N.D. III.1 - “a lion among the ladies …”
HCR. A. WhitleyHis tail is sometimes twisted; then he’s flooredlion with “on” turned = lino

Runners-Up in competition 117:

D. AmblerC. E. GatesD. G. C. MockridgeH. Ingram Rees
C. A. BakerC. C. M. GiffinC. J. MorseT. E. Sanders
J. BuistJ. H. GrummittJ. D. P. O’LearyT. N. Simpson
Rev B. ChapmanJ. JonesRev E. B. PeelJ. A. Stafford
A. J. CroftE. E. R. KilnerMrs M. G. PorterJ. Thompson
F. E. DixonC. KoopG. W. PughJ. S. Young
A. L. EllistonT. W. MelluishD. W. Reed