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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
149 Sep 1950DOMESTIC normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstCdr H. H. L. DicksonCapped many years ago, but can still make them breakcryptic def.; maid’s cap, cricket
SecondG. PerryPoet’s last sentence—The unfinished verse is not for the publicdome (= doom, Spens.) + stic(h)
ThirdS. GoldieSpending a lot of time at home messing about I’d met little Societyanag. incl. Soc.
HCE. S. AinleySemi-D.T. with company, altogether so in privateanag. incl. Co.
HCMrs CaithnessDr. Hill’s struck off: the times he goes round tipsy! Should do house-workanag. in doc(tor)
HCRev B. ChapmanTimes are difficult for half-starved doctor without a servantanag. in doc(tor)
HCC. E. GatesChange of occupation for a comedist. (Any help in Chambers? Yes and no!)anag.; comedist not in Chambers, d. is help in chambers
HCS. B. GreenTame mice … (anag.)anag. of mice, dots
HCW. HoseHow good such husbands are! And yet most of their wives are looking for another onecryptic def.
HCC. B. JoynerIn the house on a division it comes to the verge of dissolutiond + anag.; ref. H. of Commons
HCB. J. McCannFather is (as he often says) in charge in the homeDom est (L.) + i/c; Benedictine F. uses Latin
HCF. E. NewloveIn such a crisis this girl might prove “mistress of herself, though China fall”!2 mngs.; ref. Pope, ‘To a Lady’
HCW. B. O’HanlonEngineers tie, D.S.O, M.C. General? Kitchener, maybe!anag., 2 defs.; engineer, vb.
HCRev E. B. PeelIt’s Médoc, mulled—a bliss now rareanag.; ref. shortages, d. bliss
HCR. PostillHelp! Here’s the Cistercian prior half crazed with BenedictineDom + anag. of Ciste(rcian)
HCH. Ingram ReesTypical product of the times:—cod à la maisonanag.; ref. rationing
HCE. W. RichartConfined to the house: MO’s edict after overhaulanag.
HCH. B. RidleyDoes accommodating a thousand cramp the house-keeper’s style?M in does + tic
HCW. O. RobertsonPrivate building has the citizens’ backingdome + cits (rev.)
HCA. RobinsPrivate prescription is a waste of Doc.’s timeanag.; ref. NHS
HCN. RolesCod? Times have changed! Char is now in demandanag.
HCH. T. R. TwyfordThere’s an endless stop placed upon the building the housedome + stic(k)

Runners-Up in competition 149:

M. AbrahamsD. L. L. ClarkeH. C. HillsW. K. M. Slimmings
M. AndersonF. L. ConstableG. G. LawranceMrs I. G. Smith
S. G. AnnisP. M. CoombsR. W. LerrigoO. Carlton Smith
C. A. BakerH. EbdenD. W. LewisR. E. Speight
H. BernardA. FentonT. W. MelluishMiss D. W. Taylor
Rev L. BlackburnMrs N. FisherF. F. MitchellJ. Walton
M. L. BookerJ. A. FloodI. J. NicholasK. Whyld
G. BownessW. E. GreenE. J. RackhamJ. T. Young
H. ChownC. D. HardingB. RowbothamR. F. Zobel
F. A. ClarkF. H. W. HawesMrs Sainsbury 
J. C. ClarkBrig Capt J. M. HeyesE. O. Seymour