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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
161 Mar 1951TILLER normal13


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstD. A. NichollsKeep your head, cox, or I’ll show you who’s masteri.e. (c)ox, & lit.; t. of boat and t. = master of ox
SecondS. B. GreenDirector (crafty?) manipulates shares2 mngs.; tiller1, share2
ThirdF. H. W. HawesThis share-pusher should be taken in hand by a director2 mngs.; share2, tiller1
HCG. BownessWith tafferel lit up, he comes into viewhidden rev., & lit.
HCMrs N. FisherHe cultivates the girls with a handle to their name2 mngs.; ref. Tiller Girls dance troupe
HCS. GoldieDirector pushing shares? He might come a cropper here2 mngs.; tiller1, share2; come = become
HCJ. P. LloydA handy guide to Piers Plowman!2 mngs.; piers, i.e. moorings
HCMrs A. M. OsmondHe who cultivates John Haig, for example gets an infernal head in excess!(Dis)tiller; ref. John Haig & Co. Ltd.
HCH. RaingerThere’s a row about fair shares, but Attlee sticks to it!LL in tier; i.e. 50-50; “hand on the tiller” = in control politically; ref. Clement A., PM, 1945-51; post war demand “fair shares for all”
HCT. E. SandersComes a cropper at the finish after clearing the fieldcryptic def.
HCO. Carlton SmithWhat some “Pretty maids all in a row” were called—yet not quite all in a row(a)ll in tier; ref. T. Girls
HCA. J. SouterHe digs, with Pluto in the spirit world(Dis)tiller
HCJ. S. YoungYou could see what he produced at the Windmilldouble mng.; ref. John T. and T. Girls, W. Theatre, grain in mill

Runners-Up in competition 161:

Mrs M. AndersonA. B. GardnerW. L. MironG. A. Shoobridge
C. A. BakerP. A. HarrowA. C. NorfolkMiss R. E. Speight
J. A. BlairF. JacksonE. G. PhillipsH. G. Tattersall
M. L. BookerMrs L. JarmanR. PostillL. E. Thomas
Mrs CaithnessL. W. JenkinsonG. W. PughD. L. Tuckett
A. N. ClarkC. KoopE. J. RackhamJ. Ward
F. A. ClarkG. G. LawranceD. W. ReedsE. Whaley
D. ConnellA. F. LerrigoH. B. Ridley 
Rev B. FoleyD. P. M. MichaelE. O. Seymour