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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2330 Feb 2017BRAZEN / MOPISH Right and Left 21


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Competition 2330’s average clue lengths over 21 clues:

78 letters per clue (33 above the archive average, and 5 above the average for Right and Left competitions)

13.8 words per clue (4.2 above the archive average, and 0.9 below the average for Right and Left competitions)


Longest clue (the 16th longest Right and Left clue in the archive)

Depressed a bit by nonsense showing ‘Trumpish’ audacity, Britain must stand against old-fashioned race discrimination ultimately

109 letters, 16 words, by D. F. Manley


Shortest clue (the 10th shortest Right and Left clue in the archive)

Forward gun sacks setter cowed in shock by his shot

42 letters, 10 words, by J. C. Leyland


Competition 2330 has contributed 30 unique words to the clue archive:

S. Randallaudacious
D. F. Manleyaudacity
A. H. Harkerbasin
A. J. Wardropbattalion
D. K. Arnottbattalion’s
P. Cargillbothersome
T. J. MooreyBrexit’s
Ms S. WallaceBuddhist
C. G. Millincomp’s
C. Shortcontemplating
J. C. Leylandcowed
A. J. Wardropdoldrums
P. W. MarlowInsipid
D. K. Arnottlimp
R. J. Whalelistless
Mrs A. M. WaldenMooning
R. J. HealdMosh
P. Cargillnumbness
R. J. WhaleNZ
M. Barleyshameless
Ms K. Boltonshrubbery
J. R. Tozersupport’s
J. R. TozerTrumped-up
D. F. ManleyTrumpish
Ms S. Wallaceunabashed
T. J. MooreyUnenthusiastic
Dr S. J. Shawwhilst
D. K. ArnottWipers
Ms K. Boltonzebrina
Mrs A. M. Waldenzestfully

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